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Nothing but a dreamer.

Just the other day, I received this in my email inbox. az4 Why, of course I said yes because I knew I was going to make some of Anuar Zain’s many fans happy and the best thing of it all – I WAS GIVEN THE DUTY OF CHOOSING THE WINNERS. Not easy I tell you, especially right after I put the following poster up. I was like, “How do I even choose the winners from here?” azposter I went bonkers at one point and wished I had the power to choose ALL of them as the winners instead of just the selected few. But oh well, that’s how a contest/giveaway works. I am sorry if I had to disappoint the rest who emailed me. If only Anuar Zain was my brother or neighbour, then I would be able to do so many things like invite all of you for intimate gathering sessions with him every now and then (and irritate the hell out of him). But reality is, he does not even know of my existence. Hahahah! So anyway, I was really moved by all the entries I received from Anuar Zain’s fans. They are what I will call, TRUE BLUE FANATICS. Some even kept emailing me to check whether anyone had backed out just so that she could have the pass to see Anuar Zain up, close and personal. If you ladies are reading this, please know that I am really sorry that I had to let you down. And I thought the winners would forget about me once they got to see Abang Anuar Zain but I was surprisingly wrong. Almost all of them emailed me to express their thanks after the event. The ones that especially touched me? They have got to be Nurhidayah & Liyana! Let me share with you. This is a FB mention from Nur Hidayah! 🙂 az1 And the next one is almost like a blog entry just for me from Liyana! I teared while reading it by the way because I was imagining how she really felt when everything happened.  🙂 az2az3 Why Liyana, you looked like a million bucks! It’s no wonder why you caught Anuar Zain’s attention! So fashionable some more. Hehehehe. liyana1 liyana2 liyana3 OMG LORZ.



Lolz. Anywhere, the purpose of this entry is just to let you know that it is okay to dream for the big and impossible, even it is at the expense of someone calling you mad or crazy.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

And this is why I am still holding on to the dream and my big F A T hope that I will get to see Brian Thomas Littrell up, close and personal one fine day…


Even if it takes forever.

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