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Not Happy, ah?

Be Happy. 

If you ask me, I will definitely say being happy simply means to be able to spend time with my girls and family each day, and to be able to do what I love doing. To add on, being happy means to see others around me happy too. How cliché right? Call me old fashioned but I have always strongly believed in something as cliché as this.

Let’s face it, we do not live forever. Our kids are not going to be young and cuddly forever too. Why do we let the moment slip by spending each day fussing over what they eat, or who they mix with, or how well they perform in school? I am guilty of this as well. I do not mind fussing over what they wear, though.

Honestly, I want to be as good a mummy as I possibly can, but in the midst of achieving my goals, I often forget that my girls are growing by the second. So what do I do to keep up with them?

 Be like them sometimes, that’s what!

My pure joy every single day is to dress my girls up to the best of my creativity. And more often than not, my joy becomes others’ joy as well. Everywhere we go, strangers would often will always stop us to admire the girls and their dressing, or take pictures of them. I take it that they do that because:

1. I have a pair of twins who look alike.

2. All my girls look like triplets.

3. I dress them up alike.

4. I dress them up from head to toe.

My free time is often spent shopping online – I take every chance possible to find something affordable, cute, unique, and eye-catching for them to wear. Mix and match whatever they have, and I will always be able to come up with something for them to wear for every occasion. I have received tons of emails from beautiful strangers, asking me where I get my girls’ clothes from. You do not have to shop at expensive boutiques for your kids in order for them to look good. Frankly speaking, it’s not about where I shop for their stuff, but how I dress them up.

Take a quick glance around you whenever you are at the shopping mall or anywhere else. Notice how majority of kids are sporting t-shirts, mismatched shorts and Crocs, more fitting for a day at the park rather than a shopping trip at the mall (in town!!!).  It is also not unusual to see kids looking like they just got out of bed with uncombed hair and sloppy clothes. So my question here is, how CASUAL is casual in your opinion? Personally, this is my take – as parents, if we do not take pride in dressing our children from young, we can jolly well expect them to grow up to be untidy and unkempt individuals. Don’t we often say how we always want the best for our kids? Hope that applies to the way we dress them up too. I was raised by a set of parents who until now make it a point for themselves and all of us to be well-dressed no matter where we go. It’s almost like a habit already which runs in the family, and which will definitely die hard.

Dressing my girls is my non-verbal way of letting them know how important it is to me and to them as well to always look good and presentable. However, with three little girls in tow, it does not always work out despite my best efforts, I admit. Who am I kidding? I am no perfectionist. Proof? We once went out and realised much later that Sharleez was wearing Mysha’s dress, and vice versa.


To be continued….

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