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I was never the kind to slather body lotion on myself because I have always found them to be greasy and sticky on my sensitive skin. Whenever I tried to apply body lotions, my skin would react and I would scratch all over. Furthermore, with the hot climate here, slathering the skin with heavy body lotion is not quite a good idea.


But here’s the thing – I have dry skin! And it can get flaky at times.


I guess it all boils down to finding the right body lotion so that my skin stays moisturised without irritating me.

NIVEA recently launched the 1st oil-infused body lotion that is ultra-lightweight for 24 hour deep moisture! Ingredients include well-known and well-loved argan oil and jojoba oil.


The range comes in 2 variants:

  • Cherry Blossom + Jojoba Oil in Lotion
  • Rose + Argan Oil in Lotion


A third variant, Vanilla + Almond Oil in Lotion will be released only in Watsons from Sep onwards!

When I attended the private launch weeks ago, I was in awe when they did the live product tests because the moisture level did increase like almost immediately after NIVEA Body Oil in Lotion was applied to the skin. The oil levels also decreased.

What does this mean? The skin is more hydrated without oils!

And best thing was, my sensitive skin did not react!



Now, I have always loved products from NIVEA because I think that their products are a great drugstore buy. Worth the money and they always deliver what they promise and claim.

That said, I am still using NIVEA Body Oil in Lotion because of the following reasons:

  • Super lightweight
  • Non-sticky
  • Skin becomes more hydrated almost instantly
  • Fast absorbing
  • Non-greasy
  • Perfect for our hot climate




Among the 2 variants, I actually prefer Cherry Blossom + Jojoba Oil in Lotion because of the pleasant and sweet fragrance it leaves right after you apply it. The lotion itself contains Jojoba Oil and lots of other essential oils, which are definitely great for the skin!

It feels super light on the skin and like mentioned earlier on, it gets absorbed into the skin within a few seconds! My skin will look super healthy after I apply it and it will stay moisturised for hours! So I cannot leave home without slathering NIVEA Body Oil in Lotion these days.


Rose + Argan Oil in Lotion smells nice as well actually, if you ask me! It has the baby scent. So at the end of the day, I am okay with either or.

But why not you try both variants out yourself and you decide which is your favourite?

You can stand to win a product from NIVEA just by leaving a review HERE!

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