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Working on Model Ratna

A brand new year. A brand new concept.

Oh yes, I am talking about Studiofrost/Babyfrost/StudioPerfect, ladies & gentlemen. I’s about time we make changes. How long have we been doing this already? 3 years? 3 LONG years in fact – full of learning experiences, challenges and setbacks. Believe me, we have only grown stronger from all that we have gone through thus far. Nurul & I, we do not concede defeat easily. We knew we can go far right from the start. We build on each other’s strengths, and we work on each other’s weaknesses all the time. No bringing down of each other. No ordering each other what to do. I guess that is really the key to our success.

So this year, as you would have noticed by now already, Nurul has taken a step back from being in front of the camera to behind the camera. This was really her decision months before and as a partner, I could only respect the choice made. She is serious about work ing on her portfolio as a photographer. Why not? And in the first place, who I am to complain when I can, at the same time, work on my makeup techniques and my portfolio as a makeup artist? So there, Nurul is the photographer, I am the makeup artist, and together we are Team Studiofrost/StudioPerfect, nice to meet you! 🙂

We intend to work on different faces all the time just so that there is always something for you ladies to look forward to each time we have launch new arrivals. We WANT you to be surprised by us all the time, remember?

To start it off was Model Ratna. Can you believe it, she is only 18?! Prior to the makeup session with her, I did my homework and was very keen to try doing purple/blue eyes on her. I mean, when else would I get the chance to try something different? I do not quite dare to try drastic eye makeup on my brides because they are after all, brides. We would not want the groom to run away, would we? But with a model, it’s a totally different situation altogether. I want to be bold. I can afford to be bold. I want her to be different. I want you ladies to know that it’s okay to use bold colours on your eyes and they are not as scary looking as you would have thought them to be. Of course, the technique needs to be right. Thank goodness Ratna was able to carry the look extremely well, what with her gorgeous features, flawless skin, and lots of confidence.  And what I really like about Ratna’s face is the fact that it is really symmetrical!





Thank you Ratna! It was nice working with you. So patient. So cool.


To view Ratna’s portfolio up close & personal, and of course, our NEW ARRIVALS, click HERE!

It’s time to shop big time. Most of our new arrivals this time round are stretchable so they are perfect for sizes S to L!

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