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Mysha & Salmah

Mysha has this habit of exclaiming “Ya Allaaaaah, Salmaaah!” each time she drops something or does something wrong. We are perfectly alright with her desire to exclaim like a makcik but what all of us do not understand till now is the existence of the name Salmah. Who in the world is Salmah? Is it someone she knows? Is it someone she admires? Is it her imaginary friend? Or is it a character from one of the malay dramas she happened to watch? Why Salmah? Whyyyyyy? I really do not know.  We do not know. Nobody knows.

It is still a question mark.

Oh well, to all the Salmahs, this one is for you.


Everyone now, “Ya Allaaaaah, Salmaaaaah!”





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