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So la-da-di-da-di we like to party.

Honestly, never did it cross my mind to do a large scale birthday party for my girls again because planning for a party is just sooooo cumbersome and tiring. Organized so many parties before for the girls, and I learnt my lessons.

Or did I?

When Sprinkie Parties suggested doing a pool party for Sharleez with the theme of her choice My Little Pony, I thought why not? After all, Sprinkie Parties would do all the nitty-gritty work like the party decor. I would just shake my leg from time to time.

Sharleez Bday 550-1

But me being the restless person that I always have been obviously could not just sit around doing nothing.

I know I had to do something for Sharleez’s 8th Birthday party too. She’s my daughter, after all.

So I decided to get several of the most awesome people in the birthday party industry to come onboard with me!

Boy was I super glad to know that they were available on the date of party!

Sprinkie Parties, as you would have known by now already, is set up by my little sister, Ili.

Ili has always been a perfectionist. She takes a lot of pride in what she does, this girl. She is not the kind to settle for less when she knows that she can do much better than that. Sometimes, it does irk me when she takes forever to come out with an idea. It’s not because she is slow or anything; it’s simply because she wants to only produce the best.

I shall refer to Ili as Sprinkie Parties from here on, just for the sake of sounding professional. LOL.

For Sharleez’s 8th Birthday Party, Sprinkie Parties started the planning like two months before.

From the birthday girl outfit….

Sharleez Bday 550-245

to the twins’ outfits….

Sharleez Bday 550-4

to the goody bags….

Sharleez Bday 550-61

to the party and dessert table setup!

Sharleez Bday 550-98


XF1Z5856 550px

 Sharleez Bday 550-39Sharleez Bday 550-7

Sharleez Bday 550-138

Sharleez Bday 550-71

pp-3 pp-2

Sharleez Bday 550-78

Sharleez Bday 550-77

Now let’s talk about goody bags.

Let me reiterate one more time- G O O D Y  B A G S.

Not junk bags ley.

Now that I’m already a mummy to three daughters, I understand how important it is to produce quality goody bags. Quality means you don’t just chuck junk food inside. Quality means it’s pretty much healthy snacks for the kids. At least about 70% of the contents, in my opinion. Quality means you can also include educational games or creative activities which will benefit the kids.

My girls and I have always been fans of SunMoon Fruit Cups and their Sazzy Fruit Juice.

I mean, if you really have to snack, make it a healthy one at least.

Sharleez Bday 550-205

Therefore I decided to include SunMoon Fruit Cups and Sazzy Fruit Juice in the goody bags!

SunMoon Fruit Cups come in various fruit flavours.

  • Peach.
  • Mandarin Orange.
  • Mixed fruits.


Sazzy Fruit Juice flavours?

  • Grape
  • Lychee
  • Mango

My girls’ favourite Sunmoon Fruit Cups has got to be mandarin orange without a doubt. It’s my favourite too! It’s so refreshing to just snack on them, especially if they are chilled or kept refrigerated. So addictive!


Yup, they have Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Batgirl!

Definitely a good way to encourage your little ones to snack on fruits.

You can say something like,


Want to order the SunMoon Fruit Cups?


Add them in FB: SunMoon Direct 

Otherwise, you can also find them at your nearby NTUC. Cold Storage and Sheng Siong supermarkets. Oh, the Sazzy Juice is only available via the website, though!

Okay lah. Since already have healthy snacks, no harm including one chocolate also right?



The customized chocolate was done by Sprinkie Parties! Hahah! So cuteeeeee!

Yup yup, you can actually get Sprinkie Parties to customize goodies for your party!


Sharleez Bday 550-243

 Sharleez Bday 550-204

Really in love with the goody bags.

Little girls received the rainbow goody bags. Little boys received the cloudy goody bags. Thank you for being sensitive to the kids’ feelings, Sprinkie Parties. I cannot imagine how the little boys would feel if they were to receive the rainbow goody bags instead. LOL. So girlie.

To also order My Little Pony goody bags for your little girl’s party, you can contact Sprinkie Parties via the following:


Instagram: @sprinkieparties


Facebook: Sprinkie Parties

Use the discount code ETRANGLE15 before 11 January 2015 to receive 15% off all bookings!

Since the theme itself is a pretty girlie one by nature, I had to make sure that I included some activities which the boys could join in and have their fair share of fun too.

Cracked my brain so hard and finally decided on the following:

  • Glitter tattoo
  • Body painting
  • Balloon sculpture


Lucky for us, Party Parlor SG offers all of the above services and more!

And if it could not get any better, they also have Candy floss cart! I was actually spoilt for choice but luckily Alethea from Party Parlour SG was kind enough to help me out with the planning!

Since Sharleez and her friends invited are pretty grown up already, I thought they would not be so interested in the typical party games or activities like bouncy castle, musical chair and such. That was why I decided on having several booths like body painting, balloon sculpture and glitter tattoo during the party itself for kids to explore themselves at their own accord.

I was really glad I did so. I saw the kids helping themselves during the party from one booth to another.

Then they would take 5 by going to the Candy Floss cart for a fluffy pink candy floss!

Sharleez Bday 550-74

Sharleez Bday 550-106

Sharleez herself was so engrossed throughout the party and did not even go to me once to tell me she missed me or anything like that. She was too busy for her mummy, but I was more than happy to witness that! Usually she would get bored easily or refuse to get involved in the party games.

In fact, the moment the party ended, she told me this.


Everyone was full of praise for Party Parlour SG due to their dedication and amazing skills!

Don’t believe me?

See the pictures then.


Face painting done on Ethan!

Sharleez Bday 550-209

My Little Pony theme face painting done on Fasha!

Sharleez Bday 550-118

My Little Pony hand painting!

Sharleez Bday 550-82

Face painting done on Qaisara!

Sharleez Bday 550-107

Happy Myreen getting her My Little Pony hand painting done!

Sharleez Bday 550-34

Cute Umar in the midst of transforming into his favourite, Spiderman! Hehe.

Sharleez Bday 550-120


Glitter tattoo which all my three girls did not want to remove. But too bad, they are already in primary school so everything fanciful, MUST REMOVE.

Sharleez Bday 550-20

Sharleez Bday 550-24

Sharleez Bday 550-30

Balloon Sculpting!

Sharleez Bday 550-127

Sharleez Bday 550-124

Sharleez Bday 550-19

Sharleez Bday 550-16

Sharleez Bday 550-222

They even sculpted a pony out of the balloons and presented it to the birthday girl at the end of the party!

How very thoughtful!

Sharleez Bday 550-202

Sharleez Bday 550-206

I am sooooooooooooooo happy.

I repeat, I am soooooooooooo glad that Party Parlor SG made the kids so happy!

In fact, we even had outsiders (aka gatecrashers) going to the booths and shamelessly helping themselves. At least say hi to the party host or what lah, right? I would have gladly offered them some food too.


Besides all the services I mentioned above, Party Parlor SG also provides other kinds of kids entertainment services & party snacks like:

  • Mascots
  • Ice Cream Cart
  • Balloon Decorations
  • Popcorn Cart
  • Bouncy Castles
  • Airbrush Tattoo


To contact Party Parlor SG,



FB: Party Parlour

I was so fortunate to have a booth set up by Bubbles of Paradise too during Sharleez’s party.


Sharleez Bday 550-5

The little girls were basically seen hanging out there because they were raring to get their nails done using the safest nail polish for kids called Little Bu!

This cutie by the name of Shaista was the first customer, in fact! I was not surprised.

She is such a fan of nail polish! LOL.

Sharleez Bday 550-31

Sharleez Bday 550-45

And then, there was pretty Fasha.

Sharleez Bday 550-79

The beautiful Shafyia! Not sure though whether her mum also went for the nail polish session. LOL.

Sharleez Bday 550-122

And of course, the birthday girl herself! Myreen and Mysha had their nails done too shortly after.

Sharleez Bday 550-93

Why is Little Bu nail polish safe?

Well, Little Bu nail polish is:

  • Odourless
  • Non-toxic
  • Vegan friendly and does not contain phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone!


And how do you wash it off?
Simply by peeling it off with soap. That’s right, all thanks to their water based formula!

Pregnant mums will be assured to know that these formulas are also pregnancy-safe and easily washes off their little ones’ clothes! That means you do not exactly have to worry if you see your little ones playing dress up and applying the Little Bu nail polish on their cute little nails.

To find out more about Bubbles of Paradise and their party services,

FB: Bubbles of Paradise


Instagram: @bubblesofparadise



There was one more booth that even the uninvited guests could not resist themselves from visiting. Naughty, naughty.



Sharleez Bday 550-49

Sharleez Bday 550-76

Even my family members and I could not stop ourselves from taking pictures at the photobooth! We kept visiting the booth! Unlimited photos what!

And you know what’s the best part? The pictures were printed out as photo bookmarks so that the kids will always be reminded of Sharleez’s birthday whenever they use the bookmark for reading. LOL.

I was so impressed by the presentation of their photo bookmarks!

Each customer received a cute little white bag, you know!

Sharleez Bday 550-102

Sharleez Bday 550-103

Sharleez Bday 550-104

Sharleez Bday 550-105

The good people from Wishing Wand are ever so friendly and helpful, and they provided the guests at the booth with unlimited choices of props to make the photos more fun!

Sharleez Bday 550-95

Sharleez Bday 550-56

Sharleez Bday 550-115

There are various backgrounds for you to choose from if you decide to engage their services. They will be able to customize or suggest a suitable background to suit your party theme!

I decided on the cloud background because I somehow could envisage little ponies running around the moment I saw it.

Thank you Wishing Wand for adding on to the fun!

To contact Wishing Wand,

FB: Wishing Wand Official


Instagram: @Wishingwand

Phone: 97334802


In between the fun, the guests helped themselves to satay fresh from the bbq grill!

This was only made possible by the awesome people from Lynn’s Kitchen!

Sharleez Bday 550-68

Now, my family and I visited Lynn’s Kitchen few weeks before Sharleez’s party because we have heard so much about their home made satay and mee rebus! They have a stall at Bukit Panjang a Community Centre. True enough, we saw customers who kept buying their mee rebus when we were at their stall.

So we tried.
And it was love at first taste!

The mee rebus is not too sweet! Gravy is just right!

And we could taste all the spices needed to make the perfect mee rebus!

Sharleez Bday 550-131

Let me move on to their satay!

You know how most satay these days are bbq-ed over big flames? Not many satay sellers have the patience to grill satay the proper way. Time is money, maybe? And then the satay will end up pretty burned up on the outside but pretty raw on the taste.

Sharleez Bday 550-65

Lynn’s Kitchen certainly takes pride in their home made satay and professionally grilled the satay during Sharleez’s party. We could hardly see the flame, so to speak! Guests had the privilege of enjoying piping hot satay! It was almost like eating satay by the bay. This one, it was satay by the pool. Can also.

Sharleez Bday 550-67

And yes, homemade means the satay is freshly made every single day. Not the wholesale kind of satay which you can easily find elsewhere.

Perfectly grilled marinated sticks of satay with the right consistency of peanut gravy! That’s how i would describe the satay by Lynn’s Kitchen.

Sharleez Bday 550-132

Sharleez Bday 550-96

Sharleez Bday 550-97

Sharleez Bday 550-90

Sharleez Bday 550-64

Thank you so much Lynn’s Kitchen for the spread of food!

Sharleez Bday 550-137

Sharleez Bday 550-133

Definitely a good addition to the party!

To visit Lynn’s Kitchen at their stall, they are located at:

No. 8 Pending Road

Bukit Panjang Community Centre

FB: Lynn’s Kitchen

Phone:8120 0169



After good food by Lynn’s Kitchen, of course you will need desserts right?

Special thanks to Wheebake for the amazing rainbow desserts!

We had rainbow swiss rolls!

Sharleez Bday 550-195


Sharleez Bday 550-197

Rainbow cupcakes!

Sharleez Bday 550-192

Rainbow macaroons!

Sharleez Bday 550-193

Fruit tarts!

Sharleez Bday 550-196

Rainbow cakepops!

Sharleez Bday 550-199

Sharleez Bday 550-57

Sharleez Bday 550-40

If you do not know already, Wheebake is actually a dessert cafe at Pandan Cafe! Have you been there before?

You might want to add Wheebake to your list of cafes to visit!

I mean, just look at their amazing desserts which they made for Sharleez’s party!


To contact or visit Wheebake,

Location: 415 Pandan Gardens #01-114

Phone: 66356693

Instagram: @wheebake

FB: Wheebake by MagikPlanner

But our fun did not just end there because it was finally time for cake cutting!

The cake by Eat My Oven was just sooooooo amazingly done.

Sharleez Bday 550-59

Now, I have never fancied eating brightly colored cakes because they just look too fake and eerie to be eaten. So when deciding on the cake, I specifically told Eat My Oven that I wanted the colours to be soft and somewhat pastel.

They got the colours correct, alright!

Eat My Oven also never disappoints when it comes to the taste of the cake! I don’t like super dry cakes or cakes that taste too spongy. I like the cake to taste like it’s not cake. Do you get what I mean?

Sharleez Bday 550-139

If you want customized birthday cakes done for your upcoming event, I recommend Eat My Oven!

Go contact them now!





All in all, I am extremely pleased with the turn out. Most importantly, the birthday girl had so much fun during her own party!

And there were so many happy faces that day!

Just look at Papa Ian, with his hands clasped and all! Such a doting uncle.

Sharleez Bday 550-160

And Uncle Shahid too, laughing so happily while holding a pink balloon. Eh sorry, the balloon was actually attached to the chair. LOL.

Sharleez Bday 550-161

And then the happy kids who had so much fun.

Sharleez Bday 550-212

Sharleez Bday 550-213

Sharleez Bday 550-218

Sharleez Bday 550-185

Thank you so much to all the wonderful guests who turned up because you made the party all the more colourful! Too many pictures to include, sorry if I did not include all! (But you will definitely be included in our personal album.)

Sharleez Bday 550-191

Sharleez Bday 550-224 Sharleez Bday 550-223

Sharleez Bday 550-230

Sharleez Bday 550-238

Sharleez Bday 550-114

Sharleez Bday 550-215

Thank you to family members for always being there as our strong pillars of support, as usual.

Sharleez Bday 550-177

Sharleez Bday 550-173

Sharleez Bday 550-175

Sharleez Bday 550-176

Thank you to all the companies mentioned above for making Sharleez’s 8th Birthday Party possible.

Sharleez Bday 550-227

Sharleez Bday 550-201

Sharleez Bday 550-228

Sharleez Bday 550-239

And lastly, thank you to Fauzi Anuar for the amazing shots!

This photographer friend of mine has specifically mentioned that he does not photograph events. He did it for me because I asked him to. Such a good friend he is.

This is us with his beautiful family!

He is the one in blue below! LOL.

Sharleez Bday 550-232

But don’t you think he should photograph more birthday parties?

I personally think he should because he is really an amazing photographer. You should view his portfolio!



And to my dearest firstborn Sharleez, it was so obvious that you had such fun on your 8th Birthday!

 Sharleez Bday 550-179

Sharleez Bday 550-169  Sharleez Bday 550-165

Sharleez Bday 550-164

Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life, baby girl.

Please continue to be the darling that you already are.

Happy turning 8.


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