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My Love Affair.

Daddy asked me today whether I am enjoying what I am doing right now- going from house to house to put makeup on others for their big day or that special occasion.

The answer is obvious. I did not even have to think twice before answering Daddy. The reason why StudioPerfect started is because of my ardent love towards makeup. I wanted to learn so much more as I did not think I already knew everything about makeup. I remember clearly persuading Nurul to join makeup school with me because I did not want to go to school alone. I told her how much fun it would be to finally attend school together everyday even if it was only for three months. All I can say is, my persuasive power has always been damn powerful! The rest is history.

I take each makeup assignment given to me seriously, and with much pride and joy. I do not believe in getting the makeup done as quickly as I possibly could just so that I could save on time. I believe in taking my time. Makeup is creative art, and art requires time and patience.  Makeup requires a lot of practice too. I do not think that I am an expert already but I believe I am better today than I was yesterday. All I can say is, I will not be satisfied as long as the person I am putting makeup on does not look prettier than she already is before.

I have a lingering love affair. With makeup.

Congratulations Bella!
You looked stunning!

Care to have a love affair with StudioPerfect too?
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Why look ordinary when you can look different?

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