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Mum’s the word.

Do you remember how you celebrated Mother’s Day when you were still a little child?

I remember it clearly.

Mother’s Day celebration has always been a simple affair ever since I was small. I would wake up extra early just to clean the entire house for Mak. I would sweep the floor, mop it till I could see my reflection, wash the dishes, fold the clothes, and clean Mak’s room even. Back then, we did not have a helper, so I knew it was my responsibility to do something that would make Mak happy; and I reckoned keeping the house clean would make her the happiest. Yes, my mum is that easy to please because her life is really all about us. On every Mother’s Day, I would be at my best behaviour, and try my very best to not make her raise her voice. No fights with my siblings, no nothing. Mak was queen for a day, and we were angels for a day. Well, almost a day. So hard to not fight with one another over the simplest thing. LOL.

I miss those good old days when everything was less complicated.

I miss being a little kid.

I miss growing up.

I miss having lesser responsibilities.

I miss being so carefree.

I miss spending time with Mak.

Mother’s Day seems to be so complicating these days, man. There’s always the dilemma of deciding whose mother we’re celebrating first, second, and third. In fact, Tatek and I are already cracking our brains on how we are going to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow. First, there is ME! LOL. Secondly, Mak. Thirdly, my mother-in-law. Sometimes, I really feel like we need an expert just to arrange a schedule for each mom on the exact same day. How many hours are there in a day again, excluding bedtime?

Actually, as ironic as it may sound, Mother’s Day is all for the children. It is not so much for us mummies.

Kids, they are forever eager to show that they love us and that they can take good care of us.

My girls have been saying things like,

“Mummy, I love you so much. Thank you for taking care of me.”

“Mummy, you are the best mummy!”

“Mummy, I will always make you happy. I will never make you cry.”

Just look at my bag. It is filled with cards that my girls have been making for me non-stop for the past few days or so. I am not kidding you or exaggerating but they keep filling my bag with cards and letters every now and then, some of which they did in school!


“Nah Mummy. Happy Mother’s Day!”


It is always so easy to fashion a statement out of construction paper and glue and fill it with lots of hearts and glitter for mummy dearest when you are a kid. I mean, what else can you do to show how much you appreciate your mum? You express it best through your drawings and all. You put your heart and soul into those handmade cards.

However, I was so tempted to tell them,

“Okay, enough already. I have no more space to keep your cards!”

But I cannot possibly be saying that right? I must be appreciative, especially when they are always so happy to give me these handmade gifts. LOL.

As kids get older and subsequently turn into adults like us, it will become harder to express how much we love our mummies because our lives are now filled with something else like never-ending duties and obligations. The once in a week phone call or visit will then be our way of saying “I am here now, and I still remember all that you have done for me.”

What am I saying here?

When we grow up, we need to find a new way to express our love to our mums.

And as mothers, we too need to be able to hear or see what our children are subtly telling us. They will not make it that obvious most of the time due to a little something something huge called EGO. It may no longer be a flimsy or super gluey handmade card but a perfect looking store-bought card instead. So what? They may not say they love us so very much anymore in the card but they will say they appreciate whatever we have done for them instead. So what again?

Knowing that your kids spent those few minutes to buy the card before writing a little something for you is enough to tell you that you still matter in their lives. Or is it not?

Being a mother is a very challenging job, as we all know! What’s new, right? It does not come with any kind of training book. Okay fine, they do sell those guide books which I love to read, but honestly, those books are just for my pure entertainment. I do not read them to learn how to be a better or perfect mum. There is no correct way to be a perfect mum, and we all learn how to parent on the go. Most of the time, we take that leap of faith and we experiment while we are at it. Should we fail, we have no time to give up or cry for days/weeks/months. We have no choice but to pick ourselves up again almost immediately, and just keep trying to to do the best that we can for our children.

Know that while we think that we may not be the best mummy yet for our children, we are always the best in their eyes.

Sure, we do not need a specific day to celebrate our role in society. But doesn’t it feel super good to know that there is a day to celebrate our existence as mummies? After all, it is just a day of recognition and appreciation.

If every day is Mother’s Day, when then can we feel extra special?

When can we really take a break from everything just to spend that time with our children?

It hurts when I get super busy at times to even talk to my girls. 

It hurts when my girl has to grab my face between her hands just so that she can have my full attention.

It hurts when my girl has to try hard to look at me directly into my eyes just to tell me this.

“Mummy, I love you.”


Happy Mother’s Day. <3

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