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Messy Eaters Don’t Care.

It’s so much fun to dine with the family these days because we have a new addition at the dining table – SHAKEEL!

Now that he is already one year old, he can pretty much eat whatever we are eating sans the salt and other seasonings. I am going to be realistic – there are days when we just cannot avoid feeding him with salt and other seasonings because Shakeel loves to eat what we eat.

Prepare him an entirely separate meal (read: baby food) and he will pretty much tighten his lips when the food comes near the mouth.


(Can you stop growing up so fast? Suddenly you are eating what we eat?)

For starters, weaning is the process of moving your little one on from a diet of just milk to solid food too. The weaning process begins the first time your baby takes food from a source other than milk – whether it’s mashed banana from a spoon or a small piece of carrot.

All babies will eventually wean, whether they are allowed to self-wean or are encouraged to wean from an earlier time frame.

No pressure please.

To get your baby used to solids, it will be a great idea to establish a routine for eating. Once he is used to it, the process will get easier and enjoyable for your baby.

Here are some tips on how to establish a routine:

  • Set a time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Seat your baby in the same place at mealtimes, preferably at the dining table. Put him in a high chair. Remember to pull the straps on the high chair firmly so that he cannot climb his way out.
  • Minimize distractions. Keep toys away and do not switch on the television or the iPad.


It’s also good to introduce vegetables to your baby during the weaning process.

Did you know that ‘vegetables first’ approach to weaning can help babies learn to like vegetables? This will help to prevent them from becoming fussy eaters as they get older.

I try my very best to include vegetables in every meal of Shakeel. He still loves his chicken porridge for lunch every day so what I will normally do is to cook the porridge with broccoli, carrot and spinach as well. When he was slightly younger, I would blend the porridge to puree it before feeding him – this was to prevent him from choking. Now that he is bigger, likes textured food and chew his food better, I no longer blend his porridge but I do ensure that the vegetables are soggy enough for him to swallow.

You can read up more from mummies!

Shakeel loves to eat, especially when he gets to eat together with us. He likes me to directly take what’s on my plate and feed him that! But of course, he can get pretty fussy at times, especially with new food. His normal reaction to new food is equivalent to younger babies’ natural reflex to food – he will push his tongue forward to reject the food once he has the first taste of the food. If he likes it, he will demand that I feed him the same food again.

Babies are born with a natural reflex that makes them push their tongue forward when something touches it — which means they can’t use the tongue to move food from the front to the back of the mouth. If you try to push the food into your baby’s mouth, he may start to gag, which certainly isn’t going to make his first experience with solids a pleasant one. Between 4 and 6 months, this reflex usually disappears.

Since my darling boy loves to eat, I have been pretty adventurous too in the kitchen as far as preparing his meals are concerned. And on most days, I will prepare for him the same thing that I am preparing for the family.

Just a few weeks ago, I prepared Grilled Salmon with Garlic Herb Sauce.


It’s so easy to make!


For roasted salmon:

5 to 6 salmon fillet

2 bunches of asparagus

6 baby potatoes cut into fours or more

black pepper

1 tbsp of olive oil , to drizzle asparagus

For flavoured butter:

6 tbsp unsalted butter, softened

2 tbsp fresh lemon juice (from ½ large lemon)

2 garlic cloves crushed

2 tbsp fresh parsley, finely chopped

1 tsp salt (skip this if you are preparing for your babies/toddlers)

¼ tsp black pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 180 deg celsius. Line tray with baking sheet.
  2. In a small bowl, mash together all flavoured butter ingredients.
  3. Place salmon fillet skin side down. Arrange asparagus and potatoes around salmon, drizzled lightly with olive olive oil. Sprinkle salmon with pepper.
  4. Spoon and spread butter mixture evenly over salmon. Dot asparagus and potatoes with remaining herb butter.
  5. Bake for about 15 to 20 mins.





Everyone (including the little boy) loved it that I cooked the same thing again a day after.



I love it when the boy gets so excited to eat! When he saw the plate of Roasted Salmon with rice, he could not wait for me to feed him!


He ate more when I fed him the salmon with rice!


Excuse me boy, do not be so cheeky and try to be Salt Bae okay because strictly no salt in your food!


The husband who is not really a salmon lover like the kids and me enjoyed the Roasted Salmon with Garlic Herb so much till his entire plate was empty!

What a successful first attempt! Not bad. HEHE.

For snack time these days, Shakeel loves my Baked Sweet Potato Fries.

They are extremely easy to eat too, and make a nice snack for the entirely family!




3 to 4 sweet potatoes

Olive Oil

Cinnamon powder


  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Cut sweet potato into 2 inch batons which resemble french fries.
  3. Place them on a cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil.
  4. Toss until the sweet potatoes are coated with oil.
  5. Place cookie sheet in the middle of the oven and bake for 15 minutes
  6. With a spatula, flip the potatoes, and continue to bake another 15 minutes or until they have a golden color.
  7. Cool and serve.


Now, when our little ones start to eat solids, it is important to teach them to feed themselves.


Allow them to pick up food with their fingers or a spoon and to put it in their mouth. This is especially essential for developing their motor skills.



Do not be fussy about neatness during mealtimes. Expect lots of mess and just close one eye, mummies.



I mean seriously, that’s the only way our little ones will learn how to be independent and adventurous eaters.

And when they are enjoying what they eat, they will just ask you to talk to their hands if you try to engage in a conversation. Like seriously, Shakeel?


As a punishment, I fed him the sweet potato fries WITH MY HAND. HAHAHA!


Confession – I also tried to make homemade chicken nuggets, but they did not turn out that nice. After tasting it twice, Shakeel basically pushed the plate away until the nuggets rolled all over the table. Poor nuggets. LOL. Although some of you have asked me to share the recipe for that, let’s not do that for now. Let me perfect the recipe and share with you some other time?

Oh, perhaps I should mention this part – even though Shakeel has started to eat solids, I am still breastfeeding him. He does not latch on as often as before anymore, but I like the fact that he will look for me and latch on when he wants comfort or when he is simply hungry.

Do not believe in the myth that the benefits of breastmilk stop at a certain point – they do not! Instead, they continue and are more significant and longer lasting for both you and your child the longer breastfeeding continues.

If you continue to breastfeed your child past one year, he will not even need cow’s milk as long as he receives other foods rich in protein, calcium, and fats, and nurses at least a couple of times a day.

Mummies, it’s a good idea to check out for more information about early nutrition and weaning for the different age groups.

Have fun cooking for your little ones.

And have even more fun watching them eating and learning through mess.


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