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Memory Lane: “Mummy is where?”

Sharleez is really growing up by the second without me realizing it. To me she has always been my baby. All of a sudden, she is starting to form simple sentences. And of course, Sharleez is not Sharleez without the singing of silly songs. Oh, do you know she has a song for everyone? She has a song for Mummy, Daddy, Dada, Nana, Aat, Ian, Ili, Shafiq, Sri and even the cats and dogs! She basically inserts the subject’s name into the same song. 🙂

In this video, besides the funny song she made up, she was also asking, “Mummy is where?”

And to answer your question baby, Mummy is here.

Mummy will be right here till Monday before Mummy goes to the hospital for a short while to take out the babies from the tummy. Mummy will bring home the babies for you, okay? Please wait for Mummy. 🙁 And why am I crying as I type this entry?


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