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Melayu Boleh!

I am really humbled to share with you the email that I received from Mendaki with regards to THIS advertorial which I put up.

Hi Diah!

Wow, saw the entry on GT’10 on your blog! MANY THANKS!

FYI, since your blog entry on 11th July, we have received like over 40 RSVP-ians! Maybe due to yer blog entry?!


What can I say? I am really glad that I am able to make a difference, be it a tiny or huge difference in others’ lives through my blog entries come advertorials. I especially support entrepreneurs in the Malay community who are serious about expanding their business. When I write an advertorial, I make it a point always to ensure that what’s conveyed in the entry is straight from the heart, and not something that is simply made up to please or impress others.  Sure, the aim of an advertorial is to sell and promote, but  I believe you readers are better convinced if I do not try too hard. True? 🙂

To advertise at my blog, feel free to email me at


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