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Manja Always

On behalf of Studiofrost/Studioperfect/Studioperfect Weddings, I would like to thank Manja magazine for giving us twice the chance to have our exclusive apparels and makeup featured in your prestigious magazine. It was a blessing in disguise actually. Let me tell you why. The first time we were invited to do the makeup/hair/styling for a fashion spread with Nura J for Manja’s August issue, Manja got the credits all mixed up . Makeup was by me while hair was by Nurul, and styling was by the both of us. What was printed on the magazine was something else – makeup & styling by Nurul Aini. We were not trying to act like big shots and we do fully understand that everyone makes mistakes. But fact of the matter is, both Nurul and I were very upset initially because in our line, a proper credit means a lot to us, especially after all the hard work we have put in.  However, I have to take my hats off Ruslina from Manja magazine who actually called me to apologize, and who later invited us for another fashion spread,  this time round for a Hari Raya edition with Leeya/Nabillah from Cinta Ixora. So two fashion spreads in a row with Manja magazine. Blessing in disguise? You tell me.  🙂

We really a lot of fun throughout both fashion spreads with Manja magazine despite the long hours we had to work. Imagine us working from 10 am till close to 5 pm for one fashion spread? Hehe. I am just glad we had a taste of what it is like to be stylists. Definitely not an easy job. Definitely not glamorous too because both Nurul and I ended up looking like banana fritters right after the photoshoot – so terribly oily.


Leeya was such a darling throughout the entire photoshoot. Never once did I hear her whine or complain. It was really easy to work with her and yes, her face. She is such a beautiful girl, inside out. If only I was allowed to do more on the eyes the other day. Haha! After the photoshoot, she accompanied us to the canteen and even offered to sit with me while I ate my lunch. Leeya, if you are reading this, thank you! I adore you already! 🙂



Thank you to all our buyers for your neverending support too. All the Hari Raya Exclusive kaftans are already sold out, and its all thanks to….YOU LADIES! Come, let me give you all one big hug.




Stay very close to Studiofrost because we have more of our exclusive apparels coming up after Hari Raya!

Meanwhile, get your copy of Manja magazine today! 🙂



Here’s to more fashion spreads!


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