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Making faces

One thing Myreen is really good at ever since she was much younger is making faces. She has no problems at all making faces and changing immediately from one expression to the other be it a happy, sad, angry, funny or scary face. Why, my girl has a rubber face, just like me. If you have not already noticed by now, I like making silly faces too in pictures because quite frankly, I feel pretty retarded whenever I do not do so. Oooh, the irony.

One thing really beautiful and outstanding about Myreen is her eyes. Look at her right into her eyes and you can see just how they sparkle and somehow, speak for themselves.  I am not kidding. When I saw the newborn Myreen, I knew she was going to grow up to be a really expressive individual. And I was right. Among my three girls, Myreen is the one who is never afraid or shy to express her feelings. She is not the kind to bottle up her feelings. When she is feeling down ormad, she will cry it out really loud until it is often that difficult to pacify her. And when she is happy, she will laugh it out and keep singing her favourite nursery rhymes one after another. Oh, let’s not talk about dancing because she sure thinks she can dance. I should really video record her dancing one day because it is hilarious and ridiculous to see how vigorously she can swing that cute little butt from side to side.

I was at youtube earlier on, browsing through my videos. This video caught my attention. It never fails to tickle me much each time I view it.

Myreen was only 1 year and 3 months in this video. 🙂



Don’t know how to make a silly face like Myreen because you are born pretty & charming like that? Here’s HOW!


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