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Makeup Workshop 1: What really happened!


Yup, that basically sums up our first ever makeup workshop which was held on 27th May 2010 at Aranda Country Club. Alhamdullilah. We had two sessions on that day, and we received nothing but wonderful and very encouraging feedback from the participants of both sessions. During the demo sessions, all the makeup secrets were revealed as promised. It was not just a gimmick, okay?  It was no surprise when our participants produced the same result during the hands-on session. We went around to guide all the participants throughout the entire hands-on session, and we were very proud actually to see all of them mastering the smokey eyes technique within an hour! We figured its either they are very smart or we are really good teachers. Choose one. ;p

Thank you ladies for attending our first ever makeup workshop! All of you were so enthusiastic about learning! It’s my honour now to share with you some of the pictures taken from the first makeup workshop!


The notes we prepared for every participant.



Complimentary coffee & tea.



The first participant to arrive.





She went around the class like an invigilator, with a plastic of kropok ikan. 



The demo sessions.







The attentive participants.




The hands-on session.




Nurul’s demo victim!



My demo victim! One side done by me, and other done by her. I bet you cannot tell the difference right? 🙂 I was very tempted actually to draw her eyebrows as well to complete the entire look but it would not exactly follow the objectives of the makeup workshop. Basic eyebrow shaping will be covered during the second workshop, worry not ladies!



Some of the smokey eyed participants! Well done ladies! 🙂




And now, details for the second makeup workshop. It’s no longer a mini makeup workshop because one, the duration of the workshop will be 3 FULL HOURS and two, we will be covering ‘The Art of Everyday Makeup’! In other words, we will be starting the session from scratch. No idea what i’m talking about? No sweat, ladies! The details of what we will be covering for the second workshop are as follows:

  1. Basic skin care before applying makeup
  2. The correct way to apply concealer.
  3. Applying base for everyday makeup.
  4. Dealing with oily skin
  5. Achieving naturally flushed cheeks
  6. Eye makeup for everyday makeup
  7. The easy way to shape eyebrows
  8. The easy way to apply eyeliner
  9. Opening up the eyes with just mascara
  10. Achieving natural looking lips

Oh yes ladies, we will teach you all that and more during the makeup workshop. Everyday makeup is not just about looking presentable – its about looking luminous & eye-catching without a makeup that is overdone.

It’s about still looking like you… but just a whole lot better. 🙂

We want to see you there! And unlike the first the first workshop where you had the choice to choose between two sessions on the same day, there will only be one session for the second workshop! And thus far, we have already received quite a number of bookings already for second workshop so you need to quickly decide, confirm and make the payment in order to secure a place! We can only accept 25 bookings, sadly. First to SMS, first to confirm, first to pay & place is yours! Details of the second workshop are as follows:

Art of Everyday Makeup Workshop by Studioperfect Weddings

Date: 6 June 2010, Sunday

Time: 4 pm to 7 pm (3 hours)

Registration fee: Let’s just say its slightly more than $50. But for a 3 hour lesson with two instructors, that’s a great deal !

Venue:  Aranda Country Club Pasir Ris, Tulip Room Level 2 (5 mins walk from Downtown East)

Instructors: Diah & Nurul Aini

Things to bring: Your everyday makeup tools, as simple as that!

To book immediately, SMS 96177425 or 90676272, and we will forward you the payment details.

For more details, email us at

We assure you once again that you will not be disappointed! 🙂

See you there!


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