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Small in size, big on style : MaisonQ

I think most of us are in the midst of getting home décor ideas to set that festive mood. Time to spruce up the home for the upcoming Eid!

For a start, cushions is a must have for almost every house.

Let me recommend to you one online lifestyle boutique which specialises in beautiful and exclusive cushion covers!

MAISON Q (<— you can click now or you can read my post first for the err…discount code?)



For the festive season, MAISONQ introduces Elizabeth, a beautiful collection of cushion covers that bear equal measure of sophistication and refinement.

In line with the upcoming celebration, they have handpicked quality fabric from Germany that is gilded in either gold, silver or bronze.


Reminiscent of an age where kings and queens ruled, these covers will easily give your living space an elegant update.

In your case, you are the queen. Your husband, the king.

Actually, aren’t the kids the real queens and kings?

I mean, they can just mess up everything in the house and we have to clean up after them…all the time. Makes you wonder now who the real servant is. Sheesh.

So anyway, back to cushion cover talk.

MAISONQ has more than 30 prints for you to choose from.

Here are some of their key collections:





Polka Dots




Each cushion cover by MAISONQ measures 45 cm by 45 cm and is concealed with Concealed YKK zipper from Japan, which happens to be the world’s best zipper!

Have you ever wondered how to get those really full cushions? I had problems too initially because my cushions were always so flat and urghh.

Here’s a tip by Maison Q. (Why didn’t they tell me earlier?)

“At Maison Q, we love to stuff our cushion covers that measure 45cm by 45cm (18” by 18”) with inserts that measure 50cm by 50cm (20” by 20”). By doing so, the cushions feel fuller, look better and make sexy poufy companions to the furniture in your living space.”

Now, if you do not require fluffy cushions, then you can just stick to those that measure 45 cm by 45 cm. They will look just as great!

Besides cushion covers, Maison Q also has pillowcases which you can use to pair with your existing sheets.


They even have pillowcases for kids, oh my god! Nadyas cannot see this. (Repeats chant 20X)



Besides adding colour and life to your sheets, you are actually also saving money!

I mean, how much does a complete set of bedsheet cost these days? Really. Gosh.

I am going to do just that this year. Use my existing plain sheets, buy some pillowcases to complement them, and then voila! They will look like a brand new set altogether. Those guests who came to inspect last year during Raya will be totally impressed this year with the new look, without realising that you are actually reusing the same thing. (You got to outsmart those kind of guests sometimes.)

To view their entire Pillowcase collection by MaisonQ, click HERE

And you got to check out their absorbent tea towels too! So pretty!


Too pretty to use in fact.


To view the entire collection of Tea Towels, click HERE

Their items sell really fast!

And it is not a surprise why.

MAISONQ offers FREE same day delivery island-wide.

They also offer FREE normal delivery.

And if that’s not enough, every reader of mine who quotes ETRANGLE will enjoy 10% off, but only for this Ramadan. 


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