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All made up.

So I have been rather busy for the past few days. Busy with what besides the usual suspects, you ask? See, I had back-to-back makeup appointments from last Friday until today. I just love it when clients come over to my place to do their makeup because not only do they save on the housecall charges, but I get to work at the comfort of my home. Win-win situation for both client and me. 🙂

I appreciate it when clients provide constructive or better still, positive feedback right after their event because at least I know whether they are happy or not with my makeup, and constructive feedback gives me more room for improvement. Hey, I am still new in this trade after all. Imagine how I felt when I received back to back positive feedback via email and SMS from ALL THE CLIENTS that I dolled up from last Friday until today? You ladies are the best la! 🙂


Hi Diah,

Thanks for accomodating to the last minute arrangements to have this makeup session possible.

I have to say that I was a bit sceptical after the makeup done as I am not used to having loud makeup on myself esp on the eyes. But after I got back into my car and saw myself in the mirror, I realised how good made me look. Hee hee

 I’m truly satisfied with the makeup done and have gotten many wonderful compliments for my event.  And I’m so especially about the eye makeup which I’m so very apprehensive all the time.  For once, someone did justice to my eyes. Lol!

Should u require me to write a testimonial for ur site, I’d be more than happy to do for the absolutely impeccable service you have provided me for.

Many thanks, and to your success for a job well done.



Thank you for your time. Love the makeup! Hugs! Oh ya and very nice to meet you too!

Love the comments from family and friends during the wedding. It made me feel so special, like the bride! lol!



Day 1 of makeup:

Kak Diah I got nice comments form my fren…And I am still using the makeup up till now… 🙂 My mum says my complexion looks so flawless and nice!


Day 2 of makeup:

Kak Diah  thanks for the makeup session. The photographer commented on the makeup and he asked who dolled me up and I said Studioperfect. He say maybe he want to collaborate with you gu guys.

Feel so sayang wanna wash my makeup off. I look so pretty. Wish I could recreate the same look for daily use.



I was really pleased and humbled when client Shamimi booked me for 2 days – one for her graduation last Saturday, and today, for her graduation photoshoot with her friends. In fact, she is already thinking of booking me yet again for her family graduation photoshoot soon. Shamimi, if you are reading this, thank you so much for the support.  Am I like your official personal makeup artist now? Heee!  But seriously, I love the fact that I make a new friend each time I have a makeup assignment. It is so nice to get to know my clients while dolling them up at the same time, you know? Glad that they are not intimidated by the errr, serious looking me. Come on, do not judge a book by its cover. I am as crazy as a loon. Reaaaaaaaally. We are this crazy and passionate about what we do so you can rely on us to doll you up real good.

Look at Ili! 🙂


Want to be made up by the crazy Studioperfect team for that special event?



Oh yes! Nurul is back in action too with her makeup tools! 🙂



Email us at

 And to all Studioperfect clients, THANK YOU for your support this far! Hugs!





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