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Lulu’s 28!

This entry is for a particular someone who will turn 28 when midnight strikes.

Lulu Aini, this one’s for you…

I still remember the first day we both met – you were too shy to talk, I was too judgmental of you. I know, I know. My bad. How many years ago was that? It’s funny and sad all at the same time to think back to those younger days. We have been through too much together. To say we have been through thick and thin, is really an understatement.

And oh my goodness, we were THIS skinny?!!! *checks waist*


How come we have changed so much width wise? We were like walking skeletons before, but now we are like walking dumplings. You, especially, look like a dumpling with extra chicken filling. The perks of being pregnant -I can go and on teasing you about your weight without feeling bad about it because I had to go through the SAME thing multiplied by two when I was pregnant! Haha!

So yeah we have changed. Things have changed. Nobody can go back to the past as much as we want to.

But I guess one thing will never change, our extra special bond.  You and I both know that when the smile spreads across our face, or even the tears fall, we’ll always still come to each other.

It’s just that impossible to get rid of one another.


Happy turning 28, Lulu Aini!!



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