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Pretty Little Things Called Love.

It was quite an emotional moment for me – taking pictures of my girls’ preloved clothes before putting them up on sale, knowing that I would never see these little pretty clothes that grew up together with my girls. Besides, it was not easy getting hold of most of the items that I have put up for sale. Most of them were bought either overseas or online. The party dresses especially, were so difficult to get, and they were not exactly that cheap to begin with. I remember soooooooooooooo many of you asking where I purchased the party dresses from. All of the party dresses that I got for Sharleez were especially for Nurul’s wedding the other time, with my then hard-earned money as a teacher – the black, red, sari and animal preens party dress.  When you are a teacher, the salary you get each month is DEFINITELY hard-earned.

Am I digressing here? I AM. (Hehe!) 

I really wish there was more space at home so that I could still keep all these little treasures of mine. 

Look at the then very little & chubby Sharleez with the red party dress.


And look at the then barely 1 year old M&Ms in their Mudpie Princess Tutu Dresses!



And these are my favourite zookeeper rompers! Have to sell all three rompers off because the girls grow up way too fast. 🙁




 How can I not get emotional, you tell me?

So Mummies, if you are buying the Nadyas’ preloved items, do take good care of them because when they were in my hands, I kept them… in a treasure chest. They were that precious to me. 🙁 The selling price of the party dresses is based on the sentimental value of the dresses mainly + extremely good condition of dresses + exclusitivity of the dresses. I could have gone higher you know? Or I could choose not to sell them altogether. I  Again, I would definitely choose the latter if we had all the space in the world.




Please purchase items HERE. Do make payment promptly after order is made or your item(s) will be released to another interested buyer.

Thank you.

And goodbye pretty little clothes.



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