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It’s A DEALivery!

This Ramadan, I have been too lazy to actually break fast outside. Honestly, I just find that it is more convenient breaking fast from home, at the comfort of my own home. There are so many things about breaking fast outside that just turn me off like the noise, the crowd, the queue, the chopping of seats, the waiting of food to be finally served to us, and the list goes on. Imagine having to wait like forever for the waiter or waitress to get you another glass of water.

I know, I know, it’s all about patience during the month of Ramadhan.


Of course, I will not deny the fact that eating at home cooked every single day can get pretty boring too, especially so for Mak. I know that as much as Mak loves to cook, she needs a break from all the cooking too sometimes. So wouldn’t it be great to be able to eat restaurant or fast food from home sometimes, especially when you are just too busy or lazy to go out?

 Introducing! *throws confetti*


Yup, they deliver you great value meals promptly at your doorstep or office desks!

And this Ramadhan, you will be thrilled to know that you can enjoy LONG JOHN SILVERS’ (“LJS”) Ramadhan Special meals, delivered to you by of course!

At only $24.80, the Ramadhan meal consists of:

  • 2 x Seafood Lover’s Rendang Meal
  • 1 pc Fish + 3 pcs Crunchy Shrimps
  • 2 x Chicken Lover’s Rendang Meal
  • 2 pcs Chicken + 3 pcs Crunchy Shrimps

You can choose from the following 4 drinks:

  • Ice Lemon Tea S$0.25
  • Ice Milo S$0.25
  •  Coke S$0.00
  • Sprite S$0.00

This promotion is only from 23 July to 16 September 2012, hence the name. Hehehe.

What’s more, for a minimum purchase of $50, you will get a free $5 voucher! Do note however that the free voucher is valid from 23 July all the way till 20 August 2012.

A few days back, I decided to order LJS through for break fast. Told Mak and she was super relieved that she had that day off from cooking. Hahaha! I have to say I was super impressed with’s fuss-free online ordering and delivery system. All I needed to do once I was at their website was to type my postal code, add to cart the food item I wanted to order, and click CHECK OUT once I was done.

Modes of payment?

Really very simple and straight-forward. I even received an immediate email notification right after my order was done to confirm that everything was in place.

How’s that for assurance?

And if you are not that comfortable with the idea of ordering your food online, worry not. You can even give them a call directly to place your orders at 6299 8012.

I placed my orders at about 2 pm because I was super excited and could not wait till 4 or 5 pm. However, I did make an indication in my order that I wanted my food to be delivered to be only at 7 pm.

Well, what do you know? At 7 pm sharp, the super friendly delivery guys from were at my doorstep with my piping hot LJS orders! Now that’s what I call punctual! And yeah, I actually checked to see whether the food delivered was hot. PIPING HOT STILL, OKAY? Oh by the way, they deliver till 9 pm daily! 🙂

Sharleez greeted the guys at the doorstep, and then I decided to take a picture of her together with them because they just could not stop smiling. Super friendly!

So I asked them, “Can I take a picture of you with my girl? Either one of you or both?”

Their reply? “Both also can la!”

You said it! Hahahaha.


(Pardon the quality of pictures. All taken with my iPhone! Too excited mah?! :S)


Of course, the moment the food was on the table, the first few people to start eating were THE NADYAS!

They super loved it, can you already tell from the pictures?

If you have not  tried eating at LJS before, besides their usual signature meals like the Fish & Chicken sets, the must try has got to be the Clam Chowder soup.

I love how super creamy and chunky the soup is, with generous amount of clams and potatoes. Must try okay? Definitely something different from the usual mushroom or cream of chicken soup.

And of course, what is LONG JOHN SILVERS without the crunchy batter bits served together with the fish/chicken fillet and fries? Don’t we all love it? This just shows how much LJS actually knows its customers and what they love.

It was indeed a very hearty LONG JOHN SILVERS meal.


(Don’t ask me why there are 6 thumbs.)

To enjoy LONG JOHN SILVERS at the comfort of your own home or office for break fast today, why not order HERE? And then you can take pictures too with the delivery guys! Hahahaha!


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