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Advertorial: The Challenge

Phew! We survived the challenge!

The Garmin-Asus Live Navigation Challenge on the 19th of December 2009, that is. To recap, the Live Navigation Challenge required all participants to solve the first clue given to them and get to the correct location before the next clue was given to them.  The first participant to solve all the clues correctly and reach the pit stop wins the top prize of a trip for two to Maldives! Tatek and I were really gung ho about the challenge. We were already on standby at 1 pm because that was when the first clue would be sent to us via email and SMS. The first clue given was this- This place was formerly known as Banda Street Community Centre.  The moment we received the first clue, we practically rushed while trying to solve the clue at the same time! I googled and found the answer- Kreta Ayer Community Centre. At the same time, I called Nurul to tell her the clue, and she double confirmed the answer to the clue. That gave Tatek and me the assurance that we were heading to the right place. With nuvifone M20 as our super smart navigator, we did not have to do much to get to the location. All I needed to do was to search for ‘Kreta Ayer Community Centre’ and the nuvifone navigated us from there on. There were many occassions where we went the wrong way or missed an exit or two, but the nuvifone was really quick to recalculate our route and navigate us to the location. Too smart!


So we reached Kreta Ayer Community Centre, and our first challenge was to find locations given using the nuvifone. Once we did that, we were given the clue to the second location. The clue was this- The playthings of your childhood days are brought back in this contemporary five storey building. The second clue was tougher, but again we had Nurul as our ‘Google’. She came back to me within one minute with ‘Mint Museum of Toys’ as the answer and we rushed to the second location, full of enthusiasm still.  Even the heavy rain could not dampen our spirits to go through the challenge.



Once again, we had the nuvifone to help us, so finding the location was not a problem at all. To be honest, Tatek and I have never heard of Mint Museum of Toys before, so I was really stupefied. We depended entrirely on the nuvifone to navigate us. Once we were at the location, we were challenged to solve a jigsaw puzzle within 5 minutes in order to receive the next clue. Now, I have never been fond of jigsaw puzzles especially those tiny ones, so to expect me to solve the jigsaw puzzle  quickly was really something beyond me. I was jigsaw puzzled, and I will always be jigsaw puzzled! I took my time, paused, took pictures and finally gave up. Tatek managed to solve his puzzle, though so well done, boy!



Clue number three was this-A popular place for wedding couples, this series of semi-circular terraces at the top of a park is situated near the Alkaff Mansion. I had no idea. Tatek was clueless. We asked Nurul and she suggested going to Terrace Park. And we did just that because we really could not think of any other places. I mean, we are not the sort to climb hills and mountains just for a romantic time together so of course we did not know. The moment we reached Terrace Park, we knew that was the wrong place. The nuvifone did navigate us to Terrace Park accurately because that was the location we chose to head to. However, Terrace Park was not the answer to the clue! We could not find any Garmin Asus staff.  There was practically nobody there. Just trees and more trees. We were truly disappointed but because we were running short of time, we decided to just give up and head home. After all, we had the Studiofrost Open House to rush to. Goodbye clue cards!


 No trip for two to Maldives, after all.

However, the whole challenge was really fun and it was a good way for me to spend more time with Tatek. It was indeed something that I would never expect myself and Tatek doing- driving around Singapore in search for clues and pit stops! I am never an adventurous person, to begin with. I am timid. I am scared of almost everything- perspiring, heights, darkness, cockroaches, horror movies, and pain. I know, I know. Call me a coward. But hey, at least I have given birth to three girls naturally. And we all know no pain can beat the pain of giving birth.

So who are you calling a coward here? ;p
For those of you who did not manage to complete the challenge or did not make it to the challenge, you still have a chance to win a Garminp-Asus nuvifone for yourself. Participate in the Facebook weekly contest! Click HERE.

 To find out more about the nuvifone, click HERE!

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