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Life is but a fairy tale.


The theme for Sharleez’s belated birthday party was Fairy Tale Land, and it was hilarious to see almost everyone cracking their brains to find the perfect fairy tale character to dress up as. Along the way, they had the chance to also relive their childhood, so it was all good. After all, we must bring out the little child in us once in a while.  🙂

The reason for the chosen theme was simply because the birthday girl wanted to be Cinderella and nobody else on her birthday. Girls will always be girls. I guess she has already reached the stage where she wants and expects everything to be princessy, prim and proper. We even brought her to find a princess gown because the checked dress which I wanted her to wear initially is not a princess dress, according to her. How she got the idea that a princess does not wear checked dresses or gowns, you ask me? Blame the fairy tale storybooks. Blame it all on them.

Minutes before the start of the party, everyone was dressing up diligently. Everyone wanted so much to win. I even prepared and made some of my props earlier! This is what I truly love about my family- we are such sporting people. We get together and let loose once in a while no matter how totally different our personalities are. We do not feel embarassed to let the world see us in our not pretty or handsome moments, and ridicule us. This is us both inside and outside the house so go ahead, LAUGH! 🙂 I mean, why be so hard on ourselves? What matters more is the quality family time we get to spend with one another after a busy week at work. It really makes a difference!

Mak prepared nasi lemak and fried noodles for the party’s menu. She had already started cooking 5 hours before the party! Thank you Mak, for cooking with all your heart for our parties. Thank you for also sponsoring the menu as usual.


Although the theme was Fairytale Land, I am sorry to say that most of us adults were dressed more like characters from Elm Street. No wonder Mysha and Myreen wanted to sleep immediately when they saw us. They were obviously not amused. They were daunted! Poor little pumpkins. They must have thought they were having bad dreams at that point of time.

So before you proceed to view our pictures below, please be warned that they are not for the weak-hearted!


Yes, you read it right. Daddy was the hungry giant from Jack & The Beanstalk but he really insisted he looked like a ‘LOKTANG’ instead. I must applaud Daddy though for sacrificing one of his singlets to create the torn look. And this giant does not have golden eggs. This giant has ‘telur asin’ (salted eggs)! So Jack, think twice before you intend to steal from this giant because his salted eggs won’t make you rich,  ever! And do you see the saw and the giant’s ridiculous eyebrows, Jack? Do not mess with this giant, I say.


Tatek was dressed as Ali Baba. I rest my case. He is such a great impersonator, he deserves to be banned from participating in future theme parties! With bolster cases to wrap his head and waist, a blue pail to cover his head, one of trash bags to act as his loot, Ili’s oh so tight studded vest, and my tube jumper from Studiofrost, he was all set to be Ali Baba. And oh, how could we forget his favourite makeup- his camo cream to complete the Ali Baba look?


Oh yes, I was the evil witch in Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs! Can you see my black nails and my pointed black hat? I  made them. Can you see my broom? Mak volunteered to loan me her broom. Can you see my apple? I already dropped it twenty times already prior to this shot. Mysha did not want to get near me when she saw me looking like this- she actually signalled for me to remove the black nails and hat before she went over to hug me. I know, I know. Don’t worry darling, your Mummy is not an evil witch in reality. Someone else is, though. But let’s not go there, shall we? This is a happy, happy entry so HAPPY  thoughts, people! 🙂


Since when was Little Red Riding Hood gigantic and gay? And my, what bushy eyebrows you have dear! Kids, this is definitely not for your viewing pleasure. Nurul thought this Not So Little Red Riding Hood was pretty eager to celebrate Chinese New Year, what with the basket of oranges to bring to Grandma’s house! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Nurul was Not So Little Bo Peep, the famous shepherdess. Okay let me tell you a secret. Nurul actually came as Pocahantas but because Ili was Pocahantas too, she decided to change into something else. After rummaging through Ili’s junk clothes, she decided to be Little Bo Peep.  And for someone who has lost her sheep, she certainly did not look worried at all! Come Hari Raya Haji, look for her!


So yes, Ili was Pocahantas, still looking for her man of her dreams. (No pun intended, Ili!) So Prince Charming, come rescue her from the wilderness soon. By the way, we must thank Ili because 99% of our props came from her wardrobe. This girl here seems to own almost everything, its unbelievable!


Shafiq was Peter Pan for that night. It’s not fair that he always ends up looking so good no matter how ridiculous the theme is! To quote what Shafiq told Mak, “Might as well look good since I am not going to win anyway.” Good move there, Apiq! But you really did look like Peter Pan, seriously speaking.



Let’s call Mysha and Myreen Little Red Riding Hood Twins. (Papa Ian copied themby the way!) It was really hard to get them to stay put in the red bedsheet! Mysha thought I wanted to play peek-a-boo with her each time I put the bedsheet over her and giggled non-stop! Myreen on the other hand, kept looking at the ceiling simply because she did not want to look at the camera and pose for us! But nevertheless, thank you babies for participating! 🙂



And finally, let me present to you our birthday girl herself, Princess Sharleez Nadya! Does she look like Cinderella or not? I am so proud of the gown because it was chosen by the birthday girl herself! It really looks like a princess gown!

Happy Turning Three once again, Princess Sharleez!


The party is over but our love for you is definitely not! We love you very much.


Unconditional love for you, baby!




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