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Let’s not button up, baby.

Dressing up an active baby can actually be pretty stressful!

As a mother of 4, I have had my fair share of disasters when it comes to dressing my babies. Buying those really cute but too complicated wear outfits is A BIG NO NO!

9 years on and along came Shakeel. So when the time came for me to shop for my little Shark’s wardrobe, I had learnt my lesson and now go for practical instead of going overboard.

Thank goodness for OETEO’s (ee-tay-o) EASYEO rompers which have no fastening and thus making it hassle-free and easy to dress your little ones up in a few quick minutes!

Look at this cute EASYEO romper which Shakeel was wearing. If I had not told you, you would have guessed that it was a polo tee and shorts right?



But surprise, surprise, it’s an EASYEO romper! EEEEHAAAAAA!


Yes, their Classic Essential, Little Dreamers and Little Visionaries rompers are buttonless, mummies! The elastic waistband creates a gentle snug fit that makes it so comfortable for babies!

Just watch this short clip and you will know what I mean!





The EASYEO that Shakeel was wearing even comes in a set!





Set Consists of:

  • Little Inventor Romper
  • Little Inventor Beanie
  • Little Inventor Welcoming Blanket
  • Little Inventor Mittens Set
  • Little Inventor Booties Set


One thing that I often try to avoid when dressing Shakeel up is BUTTONS! I think with baby clothes, buttons are pretty much in the way of everything. They are definitely not baby friendly – even the happiest baby can turn cranky instantly! I am not sure whether this has happened to you before but when it comes to dressing Shakeel up, he will always try to wriggle away before I am even done with one button! I am not sure who is the impatient one here – ME OR HIM.

This Little Dreamers is made of 100% fine cotton, and it has an inbuilt fold over mittens and footies too! And just like the other OETEO’S EASYEO romper, this EASYWEAR romper one has a polyester elastic waistband as well!

No buttons, no snaps, no zips!




Let’s face it mummies – baby clothes with buttons, zips and snaps are fiddly, time consuming and stressful for the mummy!

Oh, one more thing I super love about the patent pending OETEO’s EASYEO rompers is how they come with a back pocket flap which can be folded compactly for easy storage or brought along when you are out and about as a spare outfit in case of a diaper blow-out!

Watch this!


Actually there are so many plus points about OETEO’s EASYEO rompers!

  1. Soft and fine cotton
  2. Gentle snug fitting
  3. No zips. No snaps. No buttons.
  4. Effortless dressing
  5. Time saving
  6. Foldable and thoughtful
  7. Good value for money


Comfort aside, OETEO’s baby apparel are safe and free of harmful substances as they are made of high quality OEKO-TEX® certified fabric.

OETEO (ee-tay-o) also offers baby apparel (0-18 months) and Family style apparel (postpartum styles for ladies, men’s polo and tees) so that the whole family can step out in style together.

The greatest creation yet!

Thanks OETEO for making dressing up moments for my boy so fast and fuss free!




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