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Let’s take it personal.

I love makeup. I love teaching. So what do I do?

I start conducting 1-to-1 makeup class at home, that’s what.

How different is this 1 to 1 makeup class from the normal group makeup classes? VERY different in so many ways:

  1. There’s more privacy! You do not have to feel shy at all about asking me questions or doubts you might have with regards to makeup application & products.
  2. You get all the attention from me. Time is better spent doing and learning about makeup related to you and only you.
  3. Your money is well-spent. Whatever that is covered during the class serves to teach you & only you how to apply makeup correctly on your own face. You won’t go home thinking, “Damn. If only Diah could show me how that would look on my face. Not fair!”
  4. Free makeup by me! I will demonstrate both the everyday and evening makeup on your face, using the colours and shades that are most suitable for your skin and features.

So what do I normally do during the 1-to-1 makeup class with my students? You have to email me at to find out what! Very engaging, you know? My students will never have the chance to yawn even! Hehe. But really, the two hours given for each class is always very well-spent, and I make it a point for my students to leave my house contented and satisfied with what they have learnt , and what they have paid me. My favourite question? “Are you clear? Do you want me to repeat?”


Many of those who already emailed me are quite worried that they do not have the correct makeup tools or products for the class. My advice?


Bring whatever you already have or whatever that you know you will use. There’s no point really buying something especially for the class but putting it aside thereafter until it expires. I can always demonstrate on your face using what I have first, and then I will advise you accordingly on what you should get to complete the look.

Just a few days back, I had the 1-to-1 makeup class with student Wani! Want to know what she thinks?

Hello Kak!

Feedback for the makeup class;

The very first thing, Kak Diah is VERY fast and efficient in replying my email! Lol! Basically I asked for her guidance for makeup so that I would know the exact technique in applying my makeup. And she teaches me slowly, answering my questions patiently even though I keep asking her, “Kak, ok tak? Macam lain je dengan what you thought me.” or “Kak, balance ke my both eyes Nya colour?” Lol! We did a usual and function makeup and she advised me on what to apply or what to purchase. The challenge came in when she asked to remove all my makeup and redo it again! Lol! But that’s where you learn what she have thought! Overall, I’m very satisfied from the way she reply my email, to SMS, advise on makeup, and application of makeup. So sweet of Kak Diah to make time for me despite her busy schedule! Oh not forgetting, she’s very friendly! Even her babies were very friendly!


Much love;


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Haha! Wani was quite apprehensive when I asked her to remove the makeup right after I did the demo on her face. She was like, “Sure ah Kak?”  But my purpose of doing that was not to scare her but to let her apply what she has learnt. It would be so wasted if she couldn’t do so.

I managed to snap some pictures during the class with Wani’s consent, of course.

Half of Wani with evening makeup, as done by me. Since Wani doesn’t like wearing lipstick, I skipped the lipstick application part. Remember, the class is ALL ABOUT YOU!


The challenge came when she had to apply everyday makeup first, followed by evening makeup!



And this, Wani’s work! (Pardon the bad, bad quality of picture!)


Superb right? She is such a bright girl. She eventually mastered the correct way to draw her eyebrows at the end of the lesson. So proud of her!

Want more pictures of my past students right after class was over?






Want more feedbacks? Here you go! NAAAAHH.










Hi kak diah!

How are you? Remember me still? Im yani who had a lesson with u on 15feb at noon?

I’d already bought the things u recommended me and have been practicing the techniques ever since.  My makeup is so much better now. & I AM SOO HAPPY ABT IT! kak, my brows now look soo good, i tell u.<3

Remember how my routine was, putting on makeup whenever i have the time for school.. Now.. I made a point to wake up EARLIER than usual. To put my make up on, applying what uve taught me. 🙂 (Psst, only when i master the skill tho.) i even put on a base now with olay moisturizer with a touch of foundation.

Thank you kak diah for making me a more confident and pretty lady. 🙂

Ur lesson is worth every penny spent.

u’ve motivated me! I hope i will look as beautiful as u when i reached ur age and when i have kids! I wanna be a hot momma like u too.




Hey Babe
Thanks for the make up tips and for being a great shi-foo. And i lovveee the make up on my eyebrows. Something I thought I will never touch in my whole life. And yes after your lesson, I bought my first eyebrow liner.. hurhur.. & all the other things I took note of. . Im glad you have one to one lesson,if not I dun thing I have the courage to attend any of your lessons.. (starstruck issue) :))

Noty Angel



I am back to irritate you! Hehehe!!! I am missing you and your girls already. Really had fun today during the lesson.

Seriously kak, before your lesson, I knew nuts about makeup! Now I know so much within 2 hours! You were willing to share everything you knew and I did not even see you trying to hide anything. You should be charging more for what you taught me! As compared to other makeup classes I went to where the makeup artist made everything look so nice but when I tried myself, I could not achieve the same result, your class is different! You made sure I practised untile I got the technique right, and not once did you discourage me! 

My boyfriend likes my new makeup and says I should learn more from you!!!! I dont mind! Tell me when I can sign up for the advance personal makeup class ok!!!

Much loveeessss,



Dear Diah

The service that you provided was excellent. Now, I know the proper technique of applying make-up. Your demeanour made the session fun & effective. I will sure recommend this workshop to others.

Thank you for a wonderful time.



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Heloooo Kak Diah!

Wow i loved your class just now! So much I have learnt and I did not expect you to share willingly everything I wanted to know. Now I am confident to go out with eye colour because all I need to do is to blend the colours.

Thank you Kak for teaching! You are such a good teacher and it is such a waste you are no longer teaching! Come teach in my school!! Hihihi.

P.S: Send my love to your girls. So cute and so well-behaved!



Hey Diah!

I thank you for the class just now! You covered everything so well. Sorry if I kept asking you so many questions. So kiasu of me! I tried applying again at home and I maanged to get the same effect!

Pls conduct more classes in future. I surely will come!



What about you?

Want to join my 1-to-1/ 2-to-1 class? Come, come, join me & we will have lots of fun! My three little girls are WAITING to say hello to all of you & ask you “Why auntie put makeup?”

Promotion is still ongoing due to overwhelming response!

Email me now at to find out more about the “syllabus” (there are 10 objectives/things I would cover for each lesson!) for my makeup class and while you are at it, book your slot and time as well! Oh yes my ladies, you get to choose when you want the class because hey, you’re the boss!

Just a gentle reminder though that I can only maximum of 2 students per class to retain the personal touch of my makeup class.  🙂



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