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Let’s Get Intimate.

*Updated on 13 May 2012 with new dates*

Gosh. Finally a breather.

Nurul and I have been so actively engaged with the Intimate Tea Party which we have been raving about for the past few weeks. Can you believe it, our weekends have been spent by having tea parties with our close friends, new friends, and blog readers? Nurul especially has been working so hard for this because she truly has confidence in this and she wants to prove to everyone that the Malay community can make it.. by working harder and not staying put in our comfort zone.

I totally agree.

And we are really so thankful for the overwhelming response this far!

So just in case if you are still wondering…


Aren’t you just wondering what this is all about? Aren’t you itching and scratching to know what it is? Well, go wash those hands and email us straight for a tea party! 🙂 Of course, there is more to it than meets the eye because this business that we want to share with all of you is definitely much more interesting and tempting than it seems. Like what I have been telling the rest, we have to meet you up close and personal because it will be such an eye-popping revelation!

No kidding.

Do you seriously think I would waste time blogging about this for the second time if it is not worth my time? Hehehe.

Think about it.

Meanwhile, we have some new ‘colleagues’. Welcome, welcome! Want to know who?

You might just  recognize some of them!

This is Syarif Sleeq & his beautiful fiancée, Malak! I prefer to call her Snow White because she is as white as snow. The moment they both heard Nurul telling them about the business plan, they went “Count me in!” Look at Myreen in this picture. She was simply starstruck, I guess. Or maybe she was just scared of him. Anak Metropolitan, what! 😀

This is the gorgeous Adlina Anis, a reputable stylist/model, and her hubby, Zayed. He looks familiar huh? Well, you might have seen him around at Badoque Cafe. His brother owns the very famous Badoque Cafe! Zayed totally impressed us the first time we met him because he is such a smart guy, especially in the area of IT. I call him an IT genius but Adlina prefers to just call him an IT geek. And to have someone as careful and skeptical as him joining us is indeed something huge. To have both of them joining us is a bonus. 🙂 Such a lovely and hardworking couple.

Next to Adlina is my darling Indriana from Pink Elephant Labs. Yes yes, she is one of my favorite photographers in the whole w i d e world! And that sweet lady next to her is Suhaila, yet another passionate photographer from July Photography. I have yet to work with her but I have seen her work. Very impressive!

You know, I like how professionals from different fields are coming to join us. It just makes the business all the more  C O L O U R F U L

And this super adorable lady below is Hani (Diva), my ‘colleague’ and a new friend. She is one funny woman, I tell you. She is such a nice person, it is almost impossible to not adore her the first time you meet her. I really hope she can join us in our future tea parties. Hehehe. Hani, you want fishball? 😀

We will be conducting more tea parties for YOU because we really want to make this big. We want everyone in the Malay community especially to come together and be united as ONE. To those of you especially who have been wishing for the longer time to stay at home with your kids and earn (more) money at the same time, then you should really consider joining us for our Tea Party cum sharing session.  The number of people joining us just keeps increasing by the day! And we are so thankful because we believe so much in this. 🙂

Here are our Tea Party sessions for the week beginning 6 May 2012. (I will keep updating this part every week, so if you cannot make it for this week’s sessions, keep checking this part of the entry for the upcoming Tea Party sessions.)

Friday, 18 May 2012 at 7.30 pm

Saturday, 19 May 2012 at 6 pm

If you want to join us, just drop us an email at with the number of people coming! Yes, there will be finger food for everyone..AND STUDIOFROST GIFT VOUCHERS TOO!


No need to think so hard…

It’s just tea… & good food! 😀


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