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Let’s Get Fresh: Introducing Fresh Milk To Shakeel!

Now that Shakeel is already 15 months old, being a fussy eater is part of the package. So I can forget about giving him the same food over and over again unless it’s his favorite fruit.

This boy acts like he’s the big boss!


Toddlers are very good at listening to their hunger cues so really, we should leave it all to them to decide how much they want to eat.

I am still breastfeeding Shakeel as often as he wants it, but I also offer him solids a few times a day. Recently, he has started to drink cow’s milk because he insisted on it!

I was drinking a glass of milk one day when he pulled the glass towards him repetitively. I let him take a sip of it only – I was so worried that he would have a reaction to it. As we all know it, we must always wait for a few days and check for possible reactions to new foods such as food sensitivities or food allergies. For example, if I introduce fresh milk to Shakeel on Monday, I should wait till Friday to see if there’s any reaction to it.

I have read that rashes, gastrointestinal or stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea can all indicate a milk allergy!

It was cute to see the reaction on Shakeel’s face after the first sip of fresh milk because the milk was cold! He did not want to taste it anymore after that. I have read that warming the milk first before offering it to our toddler helps. Using a straw or special sippy cup might help too. Sippy cups can be a great way for your baby to transition from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup.

Some babies start using sippy cups as early as 6 months old, and others will not be interested until after their first birthday!

Shakeel for instance, started to show interest in the sippy cup only when he reached one. He even has a special sippy cup especially for his fresh milk and it’s yellow in colour!


Here are some tips for introducing the sippy cup to our little ones:


  1. Start as early as possible
  2. Demonstrate to your little one just how the cup is used.
  3. Start with one feeding a day.
  4. Avoid giving your baby the cup when he’s particularly grumpy, or when he’s tired.
  5. If your baby refuses one type of cup, then try another. You may need to try several styles before you find one that he likes.
  6. Some parents encounter problems where their babies associate certain drinks with certain cups. So if you plan to give your fresh milk from the sippy cup, then you should put milk into the cup the first time that you give it to him

Give it some time. And don’t worry if your baby doesn’t take to the sippy cup right away. Just wait a few weeks more and try again.


If your toddler is drinking formula milk, try replacing one cup of formula with a cup of fresh milk. Or cut it half and half. Just remember that any sudden drastic change (all formula to all milk) in a kid’s diet can cause an upset tummy.


HPB also recommend giving your toddler 500-750ml of milk. Otherwise your toddler may be more likely to get cavities and be too full to eat at mealtime.

It’s not exactly a must to introduce cow’s milk to our toddler as long as he is still breastfeeding and cow’s milk is another source of calcium, protein, fats, and vitamin D.

In other words, mummy’s milk is still the best!

So if you are still breastfeeding your toddler, keep going! <3

Mummies, if you need to find out more about fresh milk, you can view the video below!


Alternatively, you can also check out Health Promotion Board website by clicking HERE

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