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Advertorial: Bricks of Love.

So, the Nadyas and I were invited to Lego Duplo Kids’ event the other day! And of course we gladly attended it because…


With Lego, it’s all about experiencing and exploring new ideas. The kids at the event were encouraged to share their Lego bricks and interact with one another.

There were several activities lined up for them during the Kids’ Event like building their dream home.

Now, everyone has his or her own dream home that he or she would like to own someday, right? So when the kids were asked to build their dream home using the colorful Lego Bricks, they were actually using their creativity and imagination at the same time to firstly think what a dream home should consist of.

Mysha’s dream home is very, very, tall. You need to climb steps after steps before you can finally reach her house.

“There is strength in numbers. When the bricks stick together, great things can be accomplished.”

Sharleez came up with a rest house. Her rest house even has a swimming pool! Those blue bricks are the swimming pool water. Can move one, you know?

“5 is the age, where your child will feel encouraged to explore everything – his/her self-awareness and understanding of the world are now quite advanced. Until proven otherwise, anything is possible to them.”

Myreen was also trying to build the highest house, but she wanted hers to be taller than Mysha’s!


The Nadyas were so engaged throughout the entire event that they did not even notice my presence.

Too busy having fun and playing and singing and dancing.

Thank you LEGO DUPLO for the invite, and for babysitting my girls! HAHA. We had fun indeed!

By the way, do you know what Lego even means in the first place?


The name ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”.

So you see, there is always a meaning behind every name.

LEGO DUPLO bricks are twice the size of standard LEGO bricks, making them a great way to kick off a child’s building career. They are especially great for tiny hands! DUPLO is all about giving your child the opportunity to build, create, and develop while discovering so many ways to play!

I can never resist buying them Lego each time we go toy shopping. If there’s anything I would not mind the girls playing with 24/7, it would be LEGO.


Do not ever underestimate the power of these colourful bricks. Almost everyone of us grew up playing with Lego. Even i grew up with Lego.  Anyone and everyone can play with Lego bricks. You do not even need to learn how to play with Lego! And what I especially love about Lego is their unlimited open-ended possibilities. There is no one way to play with Lego so this also means that your kids will never ever get bored.They stimulate creativity and lateral thinking in kids.

Just the other day, Nadyas decided to ‘bake’ some yummy LEGO® DUPLO® cakes with the Creative Cakes building set! The building set is super irresistible, you know? It includes muffin tops, meringues, candles, and inspirational recipes! Such an awesome gift for little girls!

Creative Play is what children do when they are just being children. I have always been a true fan of creative play because it involves a great deal of problem solving and concentration. When kids learn to take what is in their head and start constructing with the bricks, that’s creative play taking place. Creative activites also help to develop basic math skills like sorting according to size, colour and shape.

Mysha and Myreen started role playing, as usual.

Myreen: “Welcome to my cake shop. How can I help you?”

Mysha: “No I do not want anything from you, I can make the cupcake myself.”


Sharleez told me this while playing with the building set.

“Mummy, actually I can also use the bricks to make something else like pizza or a candy house.”

That’s the reason why I love LEGO! You are not limited to the building of just this or that. All that’s restricting you is your imagination. The bricks. True enough, they can use of the DUPLO bricks to build whatever they can think of.


“Playtime is important. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you are building, as long as you’re having fun.”


Your little girl(s) will absolutely fall in love with LEGO® DUPLO® Creative Cakes building set, I tell you!


And then later that day, we also to explore the LEGO® DUPLO® Animal Clinic set.

At the animal clinic, the vets are helping the poorly animals get well again like putting a bandage around the giraffe’s neck or feeding the baby animals some nice warm milk. I say this is such a wonderful yet subtle way to promote love and compassion for animals among kids.

And yes, just because it involved animals, I wore something fierce.



Scared or not? HAHA.

Nadyas had to compromise and share the bricks and animal figures. Of course there were many instances when they refused to share, and pulled long faces.

“Mysha, I only get the tortoise! Not fair.”

 “Myreen, you must learn how to share, what!”

“I want the vet to treat my zebra, NOT YOUR BEAR!”

Never-ending squabbles, but it is inevitable. I cannot keep reprimanding them when this happens because ultimately, they need to learn to share.

So want to know what I did to control the situation?

I simply told them in a sing song manner,

“If you cannot share, then you cannot play too.”

Minutes later, they came up with their combined Animal Clinic.


So they decided to compromise and share, after all. It was a combined effort in the end.


With Lego, it’s about sharing.

Mummies, what better way to let your kids spend the holidays meaningfully than with Lego Duplo sets?

You should “LIKE” The DUPLO Facebook page to get updates. Visit them HERE  to know more products!

“Every brick has a purpose. Some are made for a specific spot—most can adapt almost anywhere—but every one will fit somewhere.”



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