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Mummy A: “Eh you send your child for tuition or not?

Mummy B: “NO LAH, MY CHILD DOES NOT NEED TUITION! So smart already for what go tuition!” 

Mummy A: “My child also smart, what. But I still send her for tuition!” 

Mummy B: “That means she is not so smart lor.”

Mummy A: “Okay la I want to go market before the fresh chickens all turn rotten like your mouth.” 

How many times have we heard some parents stressing and insisting that tuition is only for those who are weak in their studies? How many think that tuition is a waste of money? How many skeptical parents have we met? But at the same time, how many parents out there who are pretty secretive when it comes to sending their kids to tuition? Those are the same parents who believe in the pros of sending their kids to tuition, but yet are pretty hesitant about sharing the goodness with other parents. After all, they want their kids to be smarter than the rest. Correction- they want their kids to be THE SMARTEST, period. They want others to think that their kids are smart without getting any help/the extra boost from tuitions. So obviously, the secret to their kids’ success will forever remain their secret. LOL.


Take it from me, I had tuition when I was taking my O levels, out of my own willingness. I knew back then that I needed all the extra help and boost that I could get, and the only way I could do so was by going for tuition. I didn’t mind travelling the distance just to get that extra help. Besides, what was there not to love about going to tuition? My tutor was really cool and fun, the room was air-conditioned, and there were only a few students at the tuition centre. I felt really relaxed and comfortable – the environment was perfect for me to concentrate. In addition, I felt more confident during my tuition classes and did not hesitate to ask lots of questions if I did not understand a certain concept or topic. I knew I did not have the same privilege in school because my teacher could not possibly be attending to just my questions all the time. I did not want my classmates to judge me for not quite understanding a certain topic.

And due to my hard work AND TUITION, I did well for my GCE ‘O’ level.


Now parents, we all know that avoiding asking questions in school can really affect our kids’ grades. The more they do not ask, the more they will not understand, and the more they will be left behind.

On the other hand, as the child learns more, there will a tendency to retain more in the mind also.

At knOWLedge inc., the tutors raise learners’ academic potential through quality and targeted learning in a motivating and nurturing environment.

Don’t believe me?






Learning is indeed made fun at knOWLedge inc.


As you can see, the same boy could not contain his excitement throughout.

I seriously need to arrange to meet him personally just so that I can pinch his cute little cheeks. LOL.

Let me now tell you the Owl Story at knOWLedge inc.


Four owls – Ellie, Chullie, Mellie and Scullie, are used to represent the four subjects taught at the centre.

The owl itself, as we all know it, is a creature of great integrity and a wise observer of human society. With a reputation for intelligence, its calm and insightful personality gives it an air of nobility and quiet confidence.

At knOWLedge inc. everyone is an owl – passionate in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

And if you must know, I do know one of the main tutors at knOWLedge inc. because one of the tutors used to be my colleague back then when I was still teaching. And trust me when I say that she is really a SUPERB, SMART AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, FUN TEACHER! And that’s exactly what we need in tutors. We do not need strict or lackluster tutors who are just good at…boring us to absolute boredom. We do not need tutors who do not have the basic knowledge or qualifications to teach. We do not need tutors who are too comfortable in their own comfort zone and not updated with the current MOE syllabus.

So what can you expect at knOWLedge inc. then?


  • MOE-trained HODs, Senior Teachers & Subject Specialists as tutors
  • teaching of effective and relevant strategies
  • conducive learning environment
  • dedicated full-time, experienced MOE-trained teachers
  • customised in-house worksheets & notes aligned with current MOE syllabus
  • tuition classes for Primary 1 to Primary 6 (Eng, Math, Sci & Chinese)
  • tuition classes for Sec 1 to Sec 4 (Math & Chinese)
  • preparing foreign students for the entrance tests by familiarizing them with the education system in Singapore.


You know, what the teacher teaches in school may be different from what the tutor teaches, in terms of input. So when the child has two different perspectives on the same subject, this will help him to think more, and have a wider understanding of the subject.


Yes, do join Josh Lee because he did so well for his CA1 2014!

Read Josh’s testimonial for  knOWLedge Inc.!

I want to thank all my teachers at knOWLedge inc. for helping me improve in ALL my subjects for CA1 2014!

I scored 3As & a B for my P6 CA1!  Most significantly, my Chinese Language results improved from a ‘C’ grade to ‘B’ in just three months!

I love the lessons at knOWLedge inc. as they are interesting & are customised to my needs. My knOWLedge inc. teachers are also dedicated, caring & highly experienced.

I believe that I will ace in all my subjects under the superb tutelage at knOWLedge inc.! 

Josh Lee / P6

Learner @ knOWLedge inc


AWESOME JOB knOWLedge inc.!


Besides tuition classes, knOWLedge inc. also offers Learning Science Through Play – Building Your Own Science Toys  enrichment programme for children 6 to 12 years old.

The workshop will consist of 4 sessions. During each session, participants will learn to build a toy and learn about the scientific principle behind the toy.

Something like this!


This is so cool!

Learning through play is definitely the most effective yet subtle way to teach kids!

When is it? 

Day & Time: Saturdays

10 am to 11.30 am for children 10 to 12 years old

12 pm to 1.30 pm for children 6 to 9 years old.

Fees: $150, inclusive of all materials.

Minimum of 4 pupils to start a class.

Maximum of 6 pupils a class.

CONTACT knOWLedge inc. NOW!

Where is it?


SG 574354

Contact numbers:

Phone: 64588540

Handphone: 96651738


Website: Click HERE.


And hey, how about an ice-cream treat right after that tuition or enrichment class at knOWLedge inc.?

After all, life is like an ice-cream. Enjoy it before it melts!


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