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Meadow of Love.

I look forward to this every single weekday.


The sending them to school part is always exciting because well, at least Mummy gets some time to run errands and all (this normally means shopping!), or have that breakfast date with Daddy.




(I did not secretly get pregnant and give birth to a baby boy, and hide him from the public for 3 years.)

That’s Shan Ehan, my darling and most precious nephew! And he attends Nursery 1 in the same school as my girls! So cute, isn’t he? On certain days, if I am lucky,  I get to drive him to school!

The fetching them back from school part is always something I look forward to too because well, being apart from them for four hours is more than enough. Any longer than that and I will most probably suffer from separation anxiety.


My girls, they really enjoy school. I know it. They look forward to school every time, no matter how late their bedtime can be on certain nights due to family events like birthday celebrations, for instance. Never once have they actually begged me to not go to school.

Each time I ask them questions pertaining to school, they will always have so many things to tell me. Always so eager. Always so excited. As a result, we will often engage in long conversations about school during our drives home or just before bedtime.


I think it is important to let our kids see that we are interested in talking about every part of their school life; not just their successes, but their problems as well.

Of course it is normal for them to be slightly unhappy during the first few weeks of school. That time is called the adjustment period; they need to adjust to the new teacher, new friends, and the whole idea of waking up early to go to school instead of just staying at home to err…play and watch TV?

In school, they will meet all types of people and that’s where they will also learn how to cope up with different situations and people.

Besides, they have super cute looking friends too!


My girls took slightly longer to adapt to school during their first year in school, but for the subsequent years, they took less than three days to more or less to adjust, and to get used to everything new in school. For that, I have got the teachers to thank because the teachers at my girls’ school are really caring and loving. And what I especially like about the teachers is the fact that they always look out for every student in the school, and not just the students in their class. They know the names of all the students in the school, mind you! So it really feels like one big kampong.

Where is this big kampong, you ask?



That’s the school that all my three girls have been attending ever since they were in Nursery 1.

So why do I send them to KIDZ MEADOW? 

When I was scouting around for a school for Sharleez, I considered the following factors:

• Distance

• Environment

• Curriculum

• Teachers

At that point of time, the daughters of my good friend Oniatta were in Kidz Meadow too. She had only good things to say about the school and her daughter’s teacher especially, Teacher Huda.

And so I made that visit to Kidz Meadow. My god, I fell in love with the school’s environment the moment I was there. The school is right at the end of Pasir Ris beach if you must know, and it faces the beach and the big playground! I was thinking,

“How super cool it is to go to a school that faces the beach! It’s like going for a picnic every single day!” 

I looked through the curriculum and I was very impressed with the strong literacy programme which they offer. The following are incorporated into the 4-hour programme for the N2 to K2 level at no additional cost:

1. IQRA Enrichment Programme 

-Introduces the children to the basic Hijaiyah alphabets

2. Speech & Drama Enrichment Programme: 

-Aims to develop the children’s confidence, pronunciation and creativity

3. Letterland Phonics

4. Rigby Rocket Reading Programme

5. Seronoknya Membaca Reading Programme


When Sharleez started Nursery 1, her teacher was Teacher Huda too, the same teacher who taught Oniatta’s daughter! Teacher Huda is really a dedicated and caring teacher.

To cut the story short, Sharleez had such a wonderful time when she was in Nursery 1 that I decided to enroll her twin sisters Mysha and Myreen for the Nursery 1 programme too the following year. Sharleez is presently attending Kindergarten 2 while Mysha and Myreen are attending Kindergarten. And all three of them are in the morning session.

Yes you can choose to go for the morning session from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm, or the afternoon session which starts at 1 pm and ends at 5 pm. Since Sharleez will be in the afternoon session next year when she enters primary one, I have decided to put the twins in the afternoon session too for Kindergarten 2. There is such a thing called smart parenting so that you do not end up exhausted even though the day is barely over! 😀

Sharleez is already dreading graduation day as much as she is looking forward to Primary 1. She will definitely miss all her friends and her current form teacher, Teacher Suhailah. Teacher Suhailah has been teaching Sharleez for the past three years, so you can imagine how attached Sharleez is to her. Teacher Suhailah knows Sharleez inside and out, so it’s really like having a big sister rather than a teacher to care for my daughter while she is in school.


For sure, I WILL cry buckets of tears on graduation day. Teacher Suhailah, please avoid me at all costs on graduation day.

Awwww shucks man.

Okay okay, let’s not get too emotional here.

Mysha and Myreen are just as fortunate to get an equally caring and dedicated teacher like Teacher Jumirah. They adore their teacher so much that they cannot help but to talk about her all the time. And I totally understand why. This is one teacher who uses patience with her students. Teacher Jumirah is like a motherly figure, and I appreciate the fact that she was able to differentiate my twins and their totally different personalities at such a short period. I expected her to take one year, but she took lesser than six months! That just shows a lot about the kind of teacher she is.


Do you know that Kidz Meadow Pasir Ris also offers the following enrichment programmes during the weekends?

  1. Kindertune Absolute Piano

  2. Abacus Mental Arithmetic

  3. Swimsafer


My girls and Shan, they can never be separated. Shan is especially close to Sharleez. So each time there is a school excursion for instance, the teachers will allow Shan and Sharleez to be together. There is nothing like “Oh you are not in the same class so you cannot be together.” That is how flexible the teachers are.

Tell me now, don’t you just like the whole idea of togetherness? That is the reason why my girls feel so at home when they are in fact, in school. Oh, the irony of it all. LOL.

So if you are in the midst of looking for a school for your little one(s), do consider Kidz Meadow Pasir Ris because it rocks big time!

Kidz Meadow Pasir Ris will be having a Family Beach Carnival at Pasir Ris Park on 12 October 2013 so do join in the fun, and take a tour around the entire school too!

Do not forget to bring your beach mats and hats!



You will also get to enjoy special promotion for registrations on 12 October 2013, just so that you know. What special promotion, you ask?




Kidz Meadow Pasir Ris is at 102 Pasir Ris Road. 

If you are taking the public transport, it will be bus 403 from Pasir Ris Interchange.

Do visit them in FACEBOOK  too for regular updates!

My advice is, do not register for a school at the very last minute to avoid disappointment.

The morning sessions are especially popular, so do ensure you get a slot fast!



“As parents, we have a duty to ensure that every child has a chance to learn what he or she is capable of.”


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