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Just us girlies.


Applaud or something, won’t you?

Just came back from a very short staycation with my girls, you know?


Yes, just us girls, without their daddy.

Mummy and daughters bonding time, you can call it.

“Girls’ day out,” as what my girls would call it.

No other relationship is quite as primal as the one between a mummy and her daughter. I mean, it’s the original relationship. It’s the real McCoy.

With the chaos of juggling my own schedule with my girls’ timetable, it’s pretty convenient for our quality time together to be limited to the daily car conversations and bedtime routine. I wear many hats and doing so is not always as easy peasy as you see it. Sure, my pictures or updates may give you the ideas that I have it easy. You think you know it all? But seriously, I hardly get to relax or take naps during the days even because I am just so busy running around trying to get things done for my blog advertorials, Instagram adverts, and the admin part for Studiofrost mainly. Just so that you know, okay? I do not just “shake leg” doing nothing all the time while my girls are in school. How I wish I could be a tai-tai.

Sometimes, I do feel guilty when I am too busy at home with my own work to really help my girls out with their work. But then again, it is not actually a bad thing after all and I should not be feeling guilty for teaching them to be self-reliant. Think of it this way; the more I do everything for them, the more I am not really helping them. The sense of accomplishment that comes with being independent is immensely important for any kid. They like to feel like they are grown ups. They like to be treated like grown ups.


Look at this Myreen for instance. Forever now taking a lot of selfies using my handphone. (Wonder where she learnt that from.)


She does look like a cute squirrel with cheek pouches, for? LOL.

Anyway, all I’m saying is this- I should not rob my kids of the opportunity to help themselves. Whatever they can do without me helping, they do.


And while they are trying so hard to act like adults, their mummy is trying so hard to relive her childhood by acting like a child once in a while.

Oh yes, I love to jump in big puddles of rain. I love to laugh so loud after cracking my own jokes.

Sometimes, I just forget about the typical “mom stuff”.

My girls really give me a wonderful opportunity to be a child all over again through the times we spend together, and to do things with them that I never thought of doing as a grown up.

Penciling in some quality time with them may require a little extra effort, but it always pays off in spades, I feel.


The special aspect of seemingly simple activities like lunching with them is timelessness. Realllllyyyyyyy.

I know my girls love staycations more than anything else in the world. Wait, I think they love me more than anything else in the world! Anyway, since I have been finding pretty difficult to rest and relax these days, I thought I should just forget about work for the weekend and spend it with my daughters. I did just that, made a phone booking for a 2D/1N stay at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, enabled the vacation responder for Studiofrost’s emails, revealed the surprise to my girls, they shrieked uncontrollably, and then they called me “The best mummy in the whole wide world!”

Can you believe it? I am the best mummy in the whole wide world, ley!

This statement alone beats even the most expensive gift in the whole wide world.

Funny how easy it is for them kids to please us mummies, huh? 😀

My next aim is to bring my girls for one-on-one dates, but this will have to wait till they are okay with the idea of Mummy not bringing all of them along at the same time for her outings. Don’t want them to think that Mummy is being selective or practising favoritism, you know?

For now, I do feel rejuvenated though very, very tired. Mind you, I had to handle all three girls without any form of assistance from the husband or helper.


So now that the staycation is over and done with for now, I think I deserve a little rest.

Let me first figure out when exactly that can happen.

Oh look, it’s Monday tomorrow!


 Want me to blog some more?


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