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Have you ever dreamt of owning your own shopping mall, equipped with your dream stores?  Time to realize your dream because now you can, only with Jipaban.

JIPABAN WHAT? is an online shopping mall that offers both shoppers and retailers a novelty experience with integrated social networking elements.

Sounds pretty chim, ay?  Worry not, let me now explain in details from the view of a shopper and a retailer.

As a shopper, there are so many factors that are holding me back from shopping the old traditional method at the old traditional brick and mortar shopping mall, especially now that I have three toddlers’ welfare at heart all the time. Firstly, the ever long lines at the local store. I think i can make do without that if given the choice, thank you very much. When was the last time I even shopped for something quickly without having to endure a long queue?  Gosh, I can hardly remember. Secondly, when I shop outside, I always have to consider the opening hours, which can be such a bummer especially if you do not have much time to lose or give. And nowadays I no longer enjoy the luxury of shopping for my stuff because there will always be the same suspicious looking toddlers prancing about, raring for my attention. How do I shop for myself like that, you tell me? How do I carefully choose the stuff I really want? How do I thoughtfully eliminate the stuff I do not really need or look good in? The answer is impossible. The answer is to shop online. Period.

Nowadays, there are too many shops online that I am sometimes spoilt for choices. I do not know which site to go to or where to find what.

Now how does come into the picture? Simple. When you register as a member with, you can actually search specifically for the items that you need because all the shops and items are categorised neatly.

At, you even have the luxury to customize your own shopping mall!




You can also select the shops you would want to place in the different levels of your mall.




How awesome is that, people?  VERY awesome, I say.

What’s more, when you click on Jipaban Universe, you would be able to see all the shops listed in All you need to do from there is to search for or select your favourite shops and add them to your personal shopping mall. Wow. Even Paris Hilton does not get to enjoy this kind of privilege!  If you are not sure of some shops listed in Jipaban, you can always rely on the shop rating system to assure yourself.

And if you are not sure whether you have chosen the right item for yourself, worry not. All you need to do is to click on ‘Egg-On’ list and let others vote for the item that you have chosen.




Say you like the item but do not have enough yet to pay for the product, why now click on ‘Wish List’? The exact same product will be stored and others will be able to see what’s on your wish list.  But do not tell them I taught you this. ;p

As a retailer, I would definitely want to promote Studiofrost’s items at because can help us a lot more with the marketing. All I need to do is to add my online boutique at There are so many things that I can monitor like number of visits and sales, visitor’s location and gender. I can even view an overall shop analytics and specific product analytics! This is an especially useful tool if I need to monitor the items that I need to backorder for my customers. 


And just like a shopper, a retailer can also customize the shop front. There are about 10 themes that I can choose from to showcase my items for sale.

I am even given several payment options for my shop. All I have to do is to click and save!



For a blog enthusiast like me, offers a blog space for retailers to blog and promote their products to others. This is something refreshing and innovative because I am pretty sure there are many people out there who need or prefer to read an advertorial on a particular product first before they can finally decide on buying it. 


And oh, one of Jipaban’s Anchor Tenants is Singtel!


Check out this Jipaban video for SHOPPERS!

 There’s even a video for RETAILERS too!


And also, to remain updated on the latest happenings, you can start to follow Jipaban on twitter HERE!

You can even add Jipaban on Facebook HERE!

For both shoppers and retailers out there who want a brand new experience online, you should really give JIPABAN a try!

Besides, JIPABAN  is everywhere now. You have got to check it out!

What are you waiting for? Visit JIPABAN now!

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