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When I was first introduced to JAMUlicious, I actually dreaded tasting it because of the word JAMU in it.

Like, I really dreaded!


This is me just staring at it and thinking whether to drink it or not. #nodrama

I remember asking the client for assurance about the taste before really tasting it. I even told my helper to taste it first! I have never eaten jamu all my life but I know for a fact that jamu has never tasted nice.

For starters, jamu is a herbal medicine made from natural materials such as plants, roots, flowers, seeds, barks, and more. The main ingredients are turmeric and tamarind.

I realized that JAMUlicious also has LICIOUS in it, which I believe stands for delicious? Or yummylicious?

The client told me to refrigerate it first before drinking it.

Now of course you should skip this part if you have asthma or you are undergoing confinement.

I refrigerated it, shook the bottle, poured a glass of it….





It tastes like Asam Boi Drink actually.


Yes guys, JAMUlicious is a very tasty herbal drink.


So why drink JAMULICIOUS?

  1. Better blood flow
  2. Helps with weight loss
  3. Reduces pimples
  4. Reduces Sinus
  5. Anti Cancer
  6. Expels wind from body
  7. Reduces menses cramp
  8. Reduces whitening discharge
  9. Gives Energy
  10. Reduces Body Odour
  11. Acts as an Anticeptic
  12. Removes odour from menses
  13. Slows down Aging
  14. Helps reduce blood pressure

JAMUlicious is to be consumed 2 days once, right before bedtime. It is suitable for both men and women.

And in case you are wondering, yes, JAMUlicious has HSA Clearance!

Price: $10.50

Weight: 500ml


You can purchase it from Toko Indo by Alhinduan Trading #01-38/39 which is located at East Village Mall.

Otherwise, you can order it online or via whatsapp!



Whatsapp: 94311143

Facebook: YahYahYah

Delivery is $10.

FREE Delivery for Orders above $50.

Self Collection: 20 Teban Gardens (via appointment only)

And strictly for my readers and followers only, enter or quote ETRANGLE when you order to enjoy 20% off your orders!

Plus, you will get to also enjoy FREE DELIVERY for orders worth $50 and above!

Thank you Yah Yah Yah Online for introducing JAMUlicious drink to me and for helping me overcome my jamu phobia! LOL.

Yah Yah Yah Online is a home-based business set up by Liyanah Md Ali, a SAHM who is dedicated to massaging and distribution of high quality health products such as Pomegranate Concentrate and JAMUlicious Herbal Drink (Home Made).

Yes, she provides whole body traditional javanese massage for ladies too at just $50 for 1.5 hours! If you are staying near Teban Gardens or do not mind travelling to Teban Gardens, you might want to try out her massage!

Click HERE for more details!

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