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It’s about time.

I really love the December holidays because they are just meant to be spent with the family and my girls, in particular. And that’s what I have been doing for the past few days/weeks!



Yesterday, right after a birthday party, we decided to continue the outing with a visit to the airport. I just love how close a bond the girls have with their cousins, Shan and Shaista. Actually there was nothing much to do at the airport. Such an impromptu outing. Nurul suggested going to the huge Spongebob Squarepants Bouncy Playground at Terminal 3 so that the kids could tumble and bounce. I thought it was a great idea. The moment we reached there, we read that we have to spend a minimum of $20 just for one kid’s entry. So four kids is equivalent to $80 right? To play at that Bouncy Playground? For $80? Really? To make it worse, the queue was super duper long.


So we scraped the whole idea of paying to tumble and bounce.

And then the big fat lies came in.

Nurul told Shan the playground was only for big kids. Shan replied, “But I am a big boy.” I just had to LOL there and then. There was some truth in what he said actually. I mean, on other days, he is often praised for behaving like a big boy. And all of a sudden he was too small for the big bouncy playground? But luckily he was okay with it and then told us that he wanted to look for other places to have fun.

My girls asked me why they couldn’t play at the bouncy playground. My answer? “Oh you girls are wearing skirts. Later everyone can see your underwear. How can, right?”  Hey, that was the truth. Sort of. My girls nodded and lost interest in that bouncy playground almost immediately.

One days when you kids are bigger, you will understand the white lies us parents have to tell. You think it’s easy for us to lie? We have to crack our brains to lie, you know? And why are we doing all these for? We only have your best interests at heart.



So we went to the playground at the basement instead. Big boys and small boys all can play. Wear skirt also can still play.  Want to know why? It was free. LOL.

In all seriousness, the very fact that the kids had each other’s company made it so fun. And what could be better than to have their parents laughing along with them and spending time with them doing the things they love?

As parents, we all know the tug of feelings that go along with the real issue of spending quality and quantity time our children, don’t we?

When our children are little, the demands on our time, attention, and energy can feel pretty overwhelming. It’s like sometimes you just wish to have some peace and quiet, without the presence of your kids. But imagine what would happen in years to come when they are all grown-up? We might just be struggling to spend time with our teenager kids who prefer to shut us out and lock themselves in their room for hours. And then we would regret not spending more quality time with them when they were younger. We would crave for their hugs and kisses.

We should try to enter their world and give them the full attention they need. But as always, it is easier said than done. We might think that we are giving our kids heaps of attention because hey, we are spending lots of time together with them. But how much of ourselves are giving them for all the times we are with them? Our children are smarter than we think they are; they know when our mind is elsewhere.

I asked Sharleez yesterday as we were washing our hands at the ladies.

“So Sharleez, did you have fun today?”

Her ever so sweet reply gave me a huge deal of satisfaction.

“Yes Mummy. It was sooooo much fun! I enjoyed myself too much today! Thank you!”

We still have a couple of weeks left before she enters Primary 1. At this moment, I just want time to freeze so that I can take it as much memory as I possibly can with her and her sisters. I am so not ready to enter primary school with Sharleez.

I mean, do you still remember the last time I blogged about THIS? Her birth story? You mean almost seven years have passed?








(And I just realized minutes ago that I actually spent close to $100 at the airport yesterday! We could have bounced and tumbled at that bouncy playground!)


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