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We have the winners!

It’s official.

I received close to 8000 votes this time round.



😀 😀 😀 😀

Congratulations are in order for the top three winners for #IconHomeChallenge!




CCK Living 3 550px






Punggol Living 1 1920px

Punggol Living 3 1920px

Punggol Kitchen 2 1920px

To view the rest of the pictures of the houses, click 




Thank you everyone for the participation and votes. The final moments were pretty intense. In fact, they were so intense until I closed my eyes the moment I clicked END POLL.

To the other two finalists, I thank you too for your participation and please know that even though you did not clinch the top three spots, I was so much in love with your house the moment I set foot in it! And indeed, the truth is, you do not need a competition like this to determine how beautiful your house really is. What’s more important is how you have managed to turn it into a home for even more memories with your loved ones. That itself is a winner and beats anything else in the world.

Meanwhile, to the rest of you who are in the process of turning your house into a home, do consider Icon Interior Design and make yourselves free on 14 or 15 November 2015 because they will be having their biggest YEAR END FAIR!

Read my previous blog post (click HERE HERE HERE) for more details about the fair!

Otherwise, you can contact them for an appointment right away!

SMS/WHATSAPP: 9431 4921



I hope to feature your house next! Come, join us!

It will be so much fun, you know?

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