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How to train a bunny.

When the very sweet Tuty emailed me the other day to express her company’s interest to send Sharleez’s pictures for an upcoming advertisement for Sentosa, of course I was thrilled. Hello? It is SENTOSA we are talking about here! Who wouldn’t be thrilled to bits? I retained my cool and did not give a YES immediately though, because I had to ask the model herself whether she wanted to do it. I didn’t want to accept the modelling offer there and then at the risk of my girl not enjoying herself or being forced to do something which I would like her to do. That’s not the way. It’s like asking an advertiser asking me to eat bittergourd for an advert & lie that it is my favourite food in the entire world. Or Nuffnang asking me to colour my hair pink before perming it for an advertorial.  Or somewhere along the line. You get my drift. Don’t like, don’t do. Cannot do, don’t do.

It was not THAT difficult in Sharleez’s case because she loves posing for the camera, after all. In fact, I have never had problems asking her to pose for all Babyfrost shots because believe it or not, she comes up with the poses herself. But despite that all, her mood still plays a big part. No mood, no pose.

So I asked the girl, “Kakak, do you want to model for Sentosa? Uncle will take beautiful pictures of you in a dress. But you have to listen and do what they ask you to do. You think you want to do it?”

As usual, she repeated whatever I said before pausing for a short while to think deep. I love it whenever she does that because that is such a grown up thing to do. And her replies? Oh my goodness.

“Mummy, is the uncle nice?”

“Why auntie cannot take my picture?”

“Mummy, what colour is the dress I am wearing?”

“If they ask me to model, I must listen and do? Can I rest and eat Cheezels?”

“Will you, Daddy and my adik be there?”

“But Mummy, I don’t want to model for so long. Later I whine because I am tired.”

“Mummy, why they want me to model?”

And she went on and on and on. Endless questions. Endless breath.

I answered all her questions wholeheartedly (in between yawns, and a hot mug of tea to keep me awake). No lies. No hidden agenda. No brainwashing. No fairy tale.  No happily ever after. Just the truth, especially when it came to the colour of the dress.

Urmm. The dress was WHITE, not pink or purple. I had a hard time revealing the colour of the dress, by the way. Oh, the torment! Sharleez had to make the biggest decision ever.

Guess what, she went for the photoshoot after all, with all of us tagging along to support her.  I couldn’t be more proud of her for agreeing to pose in a white dress…and bunny ears!!!










 The number of people involved in the picture selection.



And the final product(s) which you can find at Sentosa website, NEL glass panels & in- train windows, and LTA lamp post banners!






 And thanks ladies for the following twitpics which you took and sent to me!  Keep them coming! 🙂

At Sentosa Station. Thanks Dian! 🙂



Inside Sentosa Express Train. Thanks Faridah for this! 🙂



At NEL. Thank you Syafiqah for this! 🙂



At Toa Payoh Hub.  Thanks Mumiria for this! 🙂



At Harbour Front MRT. Thanks Julz for this! 🙂



At Sentosa Tram. Thanks Nettymoo for this! 🙂



Come bring your family to Sentosa Boardwalk, Resorts World Sentosa and Imbiah Lookout for Spring Wonderland for a huge fauna and flora display areas from 3 to 13 February 2011! I am definitely going to bring my girls there! Click HERE for details!

Thank you Sentosa and Tuty for choosing Sharleez Nadya to be a part of your Sentosa Flowers Campaign 2011! Such an honour, really! 🙂 To Mysha and Myreen, thank you girls for being there to support your big sister though you were both busy munching on peanuts throughout the photoshoot. Cannot stop eating right, you both?

And now, Q & A session. Many of you have been asking me for tips on how your child can also become a child model like Sharleez. So I will now try to answer your questions. I really hope my answers do not disappoint because I am after all, only sharing my humble experience as a mummy.  Am definitely not an expert in this.  

 What are the steps needed to transform my child into a child model?

 If you ask for my humble advice, I would say your child needs to be interested in modelling. Let’s face it, nobody likes to be pushed when the interest is not there. Even if you succeed in forcing the poor child, he/she will eventually show some kind of resentment towards you. Having a great smile, great personality or even confidence is not enough. The passion needs to be there because it will be a different story altogether when the confident child is in front of the camera and photographer.

Next question, is Sharleez under any modelling agency currently?

My answer is a big NO.

It has never crossed my mind to enroll her in one, anyway. I don’t see the point in her training so hard to be a model when modelling is really just something she likes to do as and when she likes it,  and when the offer comes.  Otherwise, she is just a normal 4 year old who seeks pleasure in playing with her Barbie dolls, baking cupcakes, and cycling at the nearby basketball court in her favourite home clothes. No stress.

How did she get to model for Mother & Baby magazine and  Sentosa? Did you send in her pictures?

Nope, I did not send in her pictures. All I did was to get her noticed. And what better way to do that than through my blog entries, and her modelling for Babyfrost new arrivals?  Take lots of individual pictures of your child, and showcase your child’s best features. Bring out your child’s personality through the pictures. Even group pictures can bring out your child’s personality. Every child is different and unique, so it shouldn’t be that hard! You can do it mummies!





And here are more tips, mummies!

  • Work with your child in front of a camera at home to see how he or she reacts.
  • You don’t need professional pictures, usually.
  • Practice your child’s trademark smile or pose.
  • If you must, enrol your child in a modelling agency.
  • Be warned though mummies that being a child model is not as easy as it may seem. Just look at the following video of  one of Sharleez’s photoshoots with Mother & Baby magazine and you will get what I mean.


    Whatever it is, DO NOT FORCE.  Stop the moment you see your child is no longer having fun.

    I wish you all the best! Looking forward to see more child models because they are really just soooooooooo cute! 🙂

    Want Sharleez, Mysha or Myreen to model for you, your company or your products? Email me at to enquire, but this is subject to their approval and ermmm, good mood?

    Heee heee!

    And to my Sharleez Nadya, well done little bunny! You did such a good superb job, as usual! 




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