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HOW TO PUSH OUT TWO M&Ms -The birth story



7.45 am:
I woke up and thanked Allah for the amazingly good night’s sleep. As to when the next good night sleep will happen again, ONLY GOD KNOWS. Felt really miserable too as I was going to leave Sharleez for days. I have never done that before except for that one night where she was hospitalized for jaundice, so you can more or less imagine how I felt. We left house quietly without her noticing as I did not want hear her calling out or worse still, crying out loud for me. Even so, I was already shedding tears silently. 🙁

10 am:
Reported at KKH’s Delivery Suite. We were brought to Room 3 of the delivery suite to have the twins’ heartbeat, my blood pressure and contractions monitored for about half an hour before the Pitocin tablet was inserted into my cervix. Well, the midwife promised me half an hour, but the tablet was only inserted at 11.36 am. Why insert a tablet into my cervix, you ask? It was not because my cervix was sick. It was to ripen my cervix and make it soft, thinned out, or dilated enough for delivery. After it was administered, the midwife connected the fetal monitor to monitor closely the twins’ heartbeat about two hours. Can die, I tell you! I had to lie still on my back so that they could accurately capture the heartbeat of both twins. The midwife did not allow me to lie on my side but I ended up doing just that at one point. I could not take the backpain and the contractions. Even though the contractions were not regular and strong yet, pain is still pain, what! There is no compromising as far as pain is concerned so that was why I ended up lying on my side. Ya okay so I ended up getting reminded again by the midwife to not move and lie on my back. Lol! Luckily she was nice or else I would have refused to do as instructed.

1.40 pm:
Everything looked fine. Since contractions were still so mild and kuniang, I was brought to my ward to rest, relax and basically bore ourselves until the contractions started going really strong and regular. Ward 81 Room 23, this I must jot down. I should have taken the hint when I was given this room. What hint? Later. Labour story also must have a bit of suspense! So yeah, while Tatek had his rest on the sofabed, I took the chance to eat all I could. Ordered lunch, and soon after, tea break, pre dinner and dinner. Lol! My appetite this time round was so much better while waiting for labour to start.

7.30 pm
After breaking of fast, Tatek slept some more while I tried to bear with the contractions. I was seriously bored as I thought there had been no progress as far as my labour was concerned. i did not want to spend 22nd of September at the hospital in a ward! I wanted to desperately give birth. So there I was reciting all the doas/prayers Mak had told me to recite. At about 9.30 pm, contractions were still bearable though I could feel them getting more intense. Give me more, I thought.

10.30 pm
The nurse came in to take me to the delivery suite. It was time for the second tablet of Pitocin to be inserted. By then, my contractions were already strong and I had to be wheeled to the delivery suite. Before the second tablet could be inserted, the twins’ heartbeat, my contractions and blood pressure had to be closely monitored again for half an hour. As usual, what was supposed to be a half an hour procedure turned out to be a two hours procedure. The midwife had to keep connecting and reconnecting the fetal monitor as she could not detect the second twin’s heartbeat. My second twin was already well-hidden by my first twin, so it was really difficult to find her. It was already coming close to 1 am. My contractions were so intense and regular already, at five minutes apart. The midwife did a quick vaginal examination (‘VE’) on me but to my utter disappointment, I was only 2 cm dilated. What nonsense, I was telling myself. I could no longer take the pain. The midwife said she could not insert the second tablet as planned earlier on. I was having regular contractions and labour had seemingly started. So yes, the second tablet was not inserted. The contractions never affected me until minutes later. Without thinking twice, I asked for my good friend, Epidural, to make a comeback! Oh yeah, I could not take it. Only 2 cm dilated and that much pain! And I had been using the breathing in and out technique since noon okay? So since the breathing technique was no longer working, I had to think smart and ask for epidural. So, from the Pitocin room, I was wheeled to the Labour Ward.


1.15 am:
Epidural was inserted. Wah, this time round Tatek was not allowed to be in the room while they administered the epidural. I no longer had to curl up and form the fat letter ‘C’ shape also. Thank god they have finally chucked out that technique. All I had to do was sit and look down like a puppet, and wait while they inserted the epidural. I simply hate the feeling when the epidural was administered. It was like being electrocuted. My whole body actually vibrated when the epidural was inserted.

1.30 am
Epidural was successfully administered. I did not feel numb this time round but at the same time, I could not feel the contractions. Very good! My gynae made his appearance and tried to detect the second twin’s heartbeat too. He could not find it and proceeded to do an ultrasound on the twins. First twin’s head was still down. He could not find the second twin too. After several tries, he finally saw the second twin. Head was still down too. Good! I was going natural! My gynae burst the waterbag for the first twin. Seriously I could not feel anything when the waterbag was burst. It was unlike the first pregnancy where my waterbag burst at home and I felt warm water gushing out of me profusely. Tatek saw the procedure though and chuckled to himself. My gynae then told me that I had to give birth in the operating room instead of the normal labour as he feared that complications might arise at the very last minute. He added that with twins, I’ve got to expect the unexpected, and that the unexpected might mean a c-sect ion. In other words, Tatek could not be beside me during delivery to record the whole procedure. He was taken to the waiting area instead. 🙁 I know how disappointed he must have felt as he really wanted to cut the twins’ umbilical cords after forgetting to do during Sharleez’s birth. Before my gynae left me, he did a quick VE and I was 4.5 cm dilated. He estimated that I would only deliver at about 6 am. Tatek then decided to nap again since he figured we had more waiting to do anyway.

1.40 am:
BUT TATEK was wrong! My gynae thought wrong too. 10 minutes later, I started feeling really heavy and sore near my vaginal area. I thought it was because the epidural was not working and the dosage had to be increased. I tried to bear with the heaviness but soon after I felt a very strong urge to pass motion. I told the midwife and immediately she called for my gynae before doing a VE on me. I was, believe it or not, 7.5 cm dilated already! About ten minutes ago, I was only 3 cm dilated. Simply put, I had dilated from 3 cm to 7.5 cm within ten minutes. CRAZY! It was madness in the room. Nurses started streaming in and out. My blood pressure was taken again. I was made to sign about three documents. Don’t even ask me what I signed. I seriously do not know! I was made to swallow a cup of liquid. Don’t ask me what I swallowed too as I was already in so much pain I was practically screaming like a hyena! And despite all the madness, my dear husband was still fast asleep on the sofa bed. I was crying in pain and shouting at him at the same time to wake up but he did not. I wanted to throw something within my reach at him but I could not find anything. The midwife tried waking him up but he did not wake up too. Finally, the midwife resorted to shoving him hard at the shoulder. “Mister, you dont want to wake up ah? Your wife giving birth already ley!!” she exclaimed. He woke up and was lost for a second when he saw all the tumult in the room. I bet he must have thought that he was dreaming, or worse still, having a nightmare. Lol!

2.10 am:
I was brought to the operating room. On the way there, I kept having the urge to push, so I did. The nurses however were telling me not to push but breathe in and out instead. How can?! It was natural instinct. I had to push so I pushed. How could I stop two babies from coming out? The operating room was scary. It was so big and bright, and I had about 10 medical staff including my gynae waiting for me. My legs were fastened with straps and my gynae was right in front of me, with the ultrasound machine next to him. He immediately asked me to start pushing when I felt the pain. I was already doing that anyway and I kept on pushing. When I was pushing, everyone in the room was screaming and encouraging me. It was like one big drama in the operating room. Had I not been in piercing pain, I would have laughed out loud. But I ended up crying out loud instead, like a crazy woman. Painful, you know?

2.25 am:
About five to six pushes and Twin A was out. Her weight was a hefty 3.1 kg, not bad at all for a twin. My gynae then proceeded to break the waterbag for the second twin. Again, I did not feel a thing. And just when I was about to take a breather, I felt the urge to push again. Hmmm, I thought the second twin would usually come out much later?

2.30 am:
Three more pushes and five minutes later, Twin B was out. Her weight was 2.92 kg.


Alhamdullilah, after 38 weeks of waiting and suffering, everything paid off on the 23rd of September 2008. Coincidentally, 23 was also my room number during my stay at the hospital. So yes, that was the hint. You can never imagine the look on my face when I saw not one, but two beautiful beings coming out of me safely. And the best part of it all is, they are mine to bring home and keep. 🙂

So there you have it.
The labour story of my M&Ms – Mysha Nadya & Myreen Nadya.


Mysha (pronounced as Mai-Sha) means ‘happy for entire life.’
Myreen (pronounced as Mai-Rin) means ‘bright and beautiful like the sun.’

May I also take this opportunity to thank the following people;

My family for all the care and support while I was pregnant.

Mak for your endless prayers and for taking care of my confinement meals during this period.

My lovely husband, Tatek, for his care and patience while I was pregnant and craving for crazy food, and for doing almost everything for me right now during my confinement period. Thank you also for being a great Daddy to my three babies.

Nurul for taking care of Sharleez from day to night, and showering her with endless love while I was at the hospital. She did so well till Sharleez did not even ask for me or her daddy for those two nights we were at the hospital! 🙂

Dr Benjamin Tham for being the best gynae ever. His optimism throughout my whole pregnancy is the reason why I could and dared to give birth naturally.

My friends, readers and fellow bloggers for all their endless prayers and well wishes.

Hana & Heriati for the akar fatimah.

I have made it, and it’s all thanks to the one above, and all of you. 🙂


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