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Holding hands.

I have been too busy with my business that I have forgotten to find time to update about my precious three. Guilty as charged. Oh yes, one emotion that seems to linger on a permanent basis is definitely guilt. What have I been doing? This is really a question that I am asking myself because didnt I leave my job as an educator so that I could spend more time with my girls at home? So what happened?  What went wrong in between?

Actually, everything is perfectly fine. It’s the weekends I am worried about  – I am always now occupied with bridal makeup, studio makeovers and/or makeup workshops. So busy till I have no time to bring Sharleez and the girls out for a picnic as promised. Truly hate the weather for never cooperating. The hot weather is definitely not good for picnics, especially with small kids. And nowadays, its either an extremely hot weather or a very rainy weather. Either or, we still cannot go for our picnics. We are in dire need of a windy day – one that would not leave us perspiring. So yes, a picnic with the girls is pretty much waaaaaaay overdue. Really hope we can do one soon.  

On another note, I truly thank my lucky stars for being blessed with not only twins, but independent ones to boot, right from the beginning. Oh yes, I am talking about Mysha and Myreen, the sun and the light of my life. I am just so proud of these two chipmunks. Despite being so young, they have never demanded undying attention from me. They know how to occupy themselves all the time. Never clingy. Never whiny. Never crybabies.

And despite being only one year old, they have also taught me one very important lesson in life…


No matter how busy my everyday life can get, I need to make an effort to reach out to them, spend time with them and tell them how much I love them every single day. Why bother so much about how little time I have with them when I can think about how much more I can do with them?

Being busy is really nothing but a pathetic excuse.



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