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Hi Tea With Anuar & Ziana Zain

Ziana Zain and Anuar Zain.

 Seriously now, if you do not know these two icons by now, you are either ignorant or pretending not to know.  I mean, how can anyone not know these two siblings with powerful than powerful vocals?  I have always been such a  big fan of Ziana Zain, and I admit trying to look like her when I was younger – I trimmed my eyebrows to look like hers, I kept raising only one eyebrow, and I even memorised all of  Ziana’s songs! I would never miss Ziana’s TV performances on RTM 1, and recorded them most of her concerts! Never mind the fact that Ziana cannot dance well or follow the beat of the song while dancing – I adored her that much to even mind or bother! I  clearly remember fighting with Ili over who got to choose Ziana’s and Ella’s cassettes.  Yes, my parents would always buy us the cassettes during our JB trips so many years back. I did not want to give in to Ili and she ended up crying because she was stuck with Ella’s cassette. Sorry Ili for forcing you to choose Ella over Ziana but I was really a die hard fan of Ziana! I am not a die hard fan now anymore, but still and will always be a big fan of hers nevertheless. 

I have never met Ziana in person and neither have I met Anuar too. So to be invited to the Hi Tea this Saturday to just eat while listening to them both serenade us to sleep is such a killer combo! I cannot wait!

And I heard that all the VIP seats are selling very fast too! Tickets are available for sale at $280, $200 & $150. You can purchase the tickets from LeBella, Delfi Orchard #05-24, Tel: 6732 2303.

Payment modes available:  NETS & all major Credit Cards.



Hope to see all of you there at Furama Hotel from 1 to 5 pm on Saturday, 5 June 2010.

Book your tickets NOW!

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