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Hi-5 Sharleez!

So my firstborn turned 5 years old on 3 January 2012.


She chose a Tom & Jerry cake eventually. Brought her to the cake shop to choose and I was quite surprised she did not want a Hello Kitty cake. She was like, “Mummy, I enjoy watching Tom & Jerry so much. Let’s buy the cake for my Cat Party.”

And since it was going to be a Cat party, her goody bags had to somewhat look like cats too. Duh. So I decided DIY-ed the goody bags – bought the clear bags and printed papers from Daiso, the goodies from NTUC, and drew out the eyes, ears, nose and whiskers myself. Thank goodness Tatek was around to help me out, so we managed to get the goody bags done within hours! 🙂

Nice or not?


Can la hor!

It is just my poor girl’s luck that her birthday will always and forever fall on the first day of school every single year. Definitely no class parties for her but I am more than thankful that Teacher Suhailah managed to squeeze in a bit of celebration for Sharleez and her classmates, took pictures of the celebration for me, and even whatsapp-ed me the pictures thereafter. Thank you Teacher Suhailah so very much. 🙂



Thank you dearest Hannah & family for the gift! 🙂


So yeah, Sharleez started kindergarten last Tuesday, and it was basically a wild week filled with all sorts of emotions for me, and obviously for my girls as well. Oh yes, Mysha and Myreen started Nursery 2 last Tuesday. Hehehe and they are both in the same class still, together. Looks like they will be each other’s BFF (Best Friend Forever)  again.

Their first day of school provided me with a SUPER HUGE reminder of the importance of always being in the moment with the girls. I think I an stress enough on the importance of it all. I was almost confident that I would cry on the first day of school. The day before school started, I could not sleep (just like most mummies) because I was simply too emotional. So many thoughts on my mind, and I was almost in denial that my girls have grown yet a year older. I knew that I could not longer hold on to my girls ever so tightly like before, and that it was time for me to release them slightly but surely, into the big world. The change was overwhelming that it knocked me down and took my breath away the moment I sent them to their classrooms. When I saw how Mysha and Myreen looked at me with those sad eyes, I had to control myself from crying or going over to them because I knew deep down inside that they would be fine. I mean, their teachers will not eat them up or anything, right? And their cute little friends look pretty harmless too.And relating to my past experience as a teacher, obtrusive parents will only make it tougher for the teacher and kids to settle down quickly. So I put up a brave front, said goodbye to them, and left. Of course I still needed some reassurance from Tatek, and he was like, “Don’t worry la oi, you know they will be okay what!” Urghhh. This Tatek is always so cool and composed one. How can?! I am sure you mummies can relate to this, right? We mummies are a bunch of emotional wrecks plus drama mamas, aren’t we? But we are also the chosen ones to be mummies, so let’s take pride in that. 🙂

Sometimes it is just so hard for us mummies to learn to let go but I guess we have to, bit by bit. I am always telling myself this just to make myself feel better about letting go – overprotective or authoritarian parents will most of the time, result in the kids growing up as underprepared children. It is good to be protective, but sometimes don’t you think that we overestimate the dangers in the normal world and deprive our kids of coping skills and fun? And when parents are overprotective, the kids will know that expectations are big, and may therefore feel compelled to lie or conceal their actual behavior. That’s not what we want, right? That’s not what I want, for sure. It will be tough for some of us, but we all need to somehow start somewhere if we want the best for our kids.

So dear Sharleez Nadya,

Happy Turning 5 Kakak! You told me that day that you are now already a big girl, and can do so many things on your own already. I don’t think so. INDEED YOU ARE A BIG GIRL! :S

You have been such a joy and pride. I am super thankful to have such an independent and confident young girl as my daughter. You are ever so sensitive to others’ feelings, and you are always inspiring me to be a better parent. The dua that you never fail to recite each night just tells so much about the wonderful person you are.


Dear Allah, please keep me healthy and strong.

Please keep us safe.

Please make Mummy and Daddy happy.

Make Adik happy.

Make everyone happy.

Make me cycle well, make me swim well, make me learn well.

Amin insya’allah.”

Insya’allah, God will keep this family of ours safe always.
No matter how big you think you already are, please always allow me to tuck you into bed. Hahaha!

I am so glad you enjoyed the little Cat party on your birthday, and the wonderful gifts from everyone who loves you. It was so heartwarming to see everyone present during your party. Even your Mama E changed her flight just to be there for you. Nana and Dada as usual, prepared a wonderful spread for you, the birthday girl. It was nasi lemak with lots of side dishes like cocktail sausages, fishcakes, otah, crabmeat, Mexican drumlets, and fishballs. You are indeed blessed, but I just hope that when you are bigger and more independent, you will always remember how much you are loved, and that you will have your family no matter what happens. Always be there for your family too because family matters.














You told me this as we were watching Deliver Me few days back.

“Mummy, is giving birth painful? When I am bigger , am already a mummy and can take the pain, I want to give birth from the v/a/g/i/n/a, and be just like you.”

Let me tell you this, I think you will be a wonderful mummy when your time comes one fine day. I just have that strong feeling, Sharleez Nadya. 🙂


But for now..

Enjoy being 5!

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