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Heroes Gone Wrong

It has been so long since we last had a theme birthday party. When my little brother Shafiq turned 19 on the 14th of April 2010, all of us insisted on having one. Nurul and I especially needed a break and all the laughter we could get after a week of endless work at Studiofrost/Studioperfect/Studioperfect Weddings. Oh yes, our theme parties are always for the fun. Our daily lives can get pretty mundane otherwise.  The golden rule that all of us have to stick by with regards to our theme parties is- we do not spend a single cent on the props.

As usual, everyone could not decide and agree on a theme because we are just that complicating. The theme was only finalised hours before the actual party. And as usual, we did not know what to be and what to wear. That’s the whole idea of our theme party- to NOT have an idea of what to be and what to wear. Everyone has no choice but to be creative.  To be creative is good. To be creative AND funny is a bonus!

Sharleez was especially excited when she saw us getting ready for the party. She asked, “What are you going to be, Mummy? Daddy, what are you doing?”  When I told her we were trying to dress up as Superheroes, she asked what she would be then. She then decided that she would be an action hero. A pretty action hero, she added. And guess what she wanted to wear? A princess dress. Princess here, princess there. I rest my case on this girl.

The theme for Shafiq’s birthday party was supposed to be Superheroes. But I guess some of us got confused with Action Heroes. Be it Superheroes or Action Heroes, almost all of us looked like heroes gone wrong. When the party commenced, everyone practically rolled on the floor laughing at each other. That alone took about 30 minutes.  We could not help it. It was too funny.

Let me now present to you all the Heroes.


So what did he do to achieve the look? He wore Ili’s coat to achieve the “Ohhhh I am feeling so cold”  look and  he asked me to put white foundation all over his face and a bit of red lipstick on the lips. Yes, my little brother put on makeup. The price some people would pay just to look like that vampire from Twilight. 


To achieve the look, Daddy ripped apart a tee shirt as usual. Like what we said to him, each time there’s a party, there is always one tee shirt at risk. Daddy too asked me to apply some foundation on his face but he asked for a green foundation. I am sorry Daddy but ever since I started out on Studioperfect, I have never come across Shrek, Princess Fiona, or a bride with a green face. Luckily I had a bit of a green corrector cream to save Daddy’s night.


Ah this one is always a disaster. He would always insist on not dressing up for the theme parties but he would always end up like a joke. To achieve the Zeus look, he put on one of our wigs, applied white foundation all over his face., and ended up looking like a transvestite going for facial treatment. The sash looks damn familiar by the way. I suspect it belongs to Studioperfect Weddings.


Everyone calls Tatek a spoiler because he never fails to dress EXACTLY like the character. He would actually prepare all his props minutes to the party so that when it is dressing up time, he does not have to worry about anything else. He borrowed my makeup brushes to creat Wolverine’s claws. As usual, he would use his camo cream for anything and everything, and have a hard time removing the cream thereafter. Same old, same old.


This is a pregnant Samurai Girl. Equipped with her sleeping robe and err, her ‘weapon’, she looked hilarious! This Samurai Girl was very fierce during the party. Everyone had to listen to her for fear of the deadly weapon that she carried with her everywhere throughout the party. And that look that she wore on her face? Priceless. She looked ridiculously funny! She reminded me of one particular aunties of mine. The similaritywas uncanny!


Haha this one is another freak. Sofia was actually preparing real hard for the party like an hour before! What a gung-ho participant!  She asked me whether I had a green tank top, shorts and boots. She even asked whether Sharleez had toy guns. Of course Sharleez does not have toy guns. Toy chicken drumstick she has. Toy banana she has too. But not toy guns. Never toy guns. So what did Sofia use in substitute for the toy guns? Our TV remote controls. Very creative, good job for a first timer!


Here is yet another newcomer, Bertram.  Despite being late for the party, we appreciate the fact that he actually came prepared with his own kickboxing gloves.  Thank you for the effort and attendance, Bertram! You can do better in future theme parties with us. Remember, be shameless. Be VERY shameless.


And what did my girls end up as? Alice in Wonderland and the cute fat and bald twins, Tweedledum and Tweedledee. I did not want to do much on the twins because it was near their bedtime. Sharleez on the other hand, put on a curly wig and her favourite princess dress. She even asked me for a lip gloss. Haha! Know why that expression on her face? Initially, she was quite reluctant to put on the wig because she thought the wig would be permanent on her head. The moment she put on the wig, everyone told her she looked pretty. But she did not want the attention at all because she did not like the wig and told me, “Mummy, I do not want everyone to call me pretty.” And she meant it. If there was anyone to call her pretty, she would have actually removed the wig. Yes, that’s Sharleez for you.


And lastly, me. Since Tatek was a character from X-Men, I thought I would be a character from X-Men too. Storm came to mind immediately and Storm I would be. I then realised I did not own a catsuit. Gosh, even if I did own a catsuit I would not, for the love of god, dress up in one. Having to stuff myself in a catsuit is one problem. Having to look like a stuffed dumpling, is another problem. So all I did to achieve the storm look was to pour my girls’ Johnson’s baby powder all over my hair. I then used my white foundation to create white streaks on my hair. BIG MISTAKE! I had such a hard time removing the cream later on. I had to shampoo my hair twice, and the cream was still not entirely removed. I was too tired to worry about it and went to sleep with white streaks on my hair.

 After phototaking session, it was MAKAN time – the moment everyone was looking forward to. In fact, Sofian even told us to cut down on the phototaking because he was raring to eat.




Mak is just so amazing. She spent the morning, afternoon and evening preparing the food for the party. The menu for the party (as requested by Sofian instead of Shafiq the birthday boy!!) was nasi padang. So you can roughly imagine the number of dishes that Mak needed to prepare. Like what I have mentioned million of times before, Mak is never the kind to prepare something if it is not complete. So if it is nasi padang, she would ensure that every dish possible that can be categorised as a dish in nasi padang would be there.  She is a perfectionist when it comes to food. And oh my goodness, everything tasted soooo good. Almost everyone had at least a second serving! I did not want to get up from the dining table if truth be told. Nurul, the pregnant one, ate so much and even told Mak that that was the best food she has tasted so far during her pregnancy. Lucky her to be pampered by Mak’s cooking!  We believe you Nurul judging from the amount of food you consumed that night. Too S C A R Y. Are you sure you are not pregnant with twins or triplets? So Mak, thank you for the food! It was indeed food cooked with lots of love. 

After the very satisfying dinner, everyone headed to the living room to have the usual card reading session. Daddy was the card reader as usual too. Sofian’s card won “The Best Card” award that night. It was such a touching card from a big brother to his little brother. He must have put aside his ego while writing the card. Well done Sofian, you deserved the award. But next time, you can dream about winning again. I apologise for my typical sore loser behaviour.


And we decided to give Sharleez “The Best Dressed” award because we wanted her to know that her effort was very much appreciated. Hopefully in future theme parties, she would be willing to participate and dress up again! Well done Sharleez! And no, we did not give her something from Burberry! We just borrowed that bag from Ili for a while, and put lots of Teddy Bear candies in it. Sharleez was a very happy girl when she saw the contents!

All in all, it was a great party, and the birthday boy deserved it. My little brother Shafiq, do know that you are so much loved by everyone in the family because of everything that you are. Do keep making us proud!



And I am so sure it was the best birthday for Shafiq! Congrats on passing your driving license at the first attempt on your birthday. That has got to be the best birthday present ever! 

Now, it is time to vote for the Best Dressed Superhero/Action Hero! Vote wisely, people!

 Results will be announced live at Twitter on Monday, 19th April! Follow me now HERE  if you have not done so!

Did I just act like I am some kind of celebrity, asking people to follow me on Twitter?

I think I did. Oops.

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