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Sarah & Studiofrost.

This blog post is especially dedicated to all Studiofrost buyers. You mean so much to us, y’know? And only special people should be mentioned in my blog. :p

Firstly, thank you for supporting us all along.  We thought we should work extra harder for Hari Raya this year so we came up with so many new things for Studiofrost like:

A variety of new arrivals for Hari Raya to cater to Hijab wearers as well.

Custom made Studiofrost “green” packets for Studiofrost buyers who spend more than $120.



Click on the above picture for a BIGGER & BETTER view!

A special feature by Sarah Aqilah, one of the most loved Suria celebrities! Everybody scream with me now!! When both Nurul and I were brainstorming which celebrity we should invite to do a special appearance at Studiofrost, we thought of Sarah Aqilah all at once. It was an honour indeed to have her model some of our Hari Raya collection. She obviously rocked all our outfits, and despite her not being as gigantic as Nurul and me, she was still able to fit very nicely into our outfits. Don’t believe me? See the pictures yourself then! Would I even think of lying during this holy month of Ramadhan? Tsk.

So here’s the best part, whatever that you see on Sarah is available for purchase at . Ready stocks for all, and we will make sure you receive your orders before Hari Raya. Oh, and because you are so special to us, introductory prices for all our Hari Raya collection! Save up to $17 for one outfit! now that’s really a lot of savings.

But you got to hurry though because WHILE STOCKS LAST.

It was a double honour for me to have Sarah Aqilah for our photoshoot because I had the big fat chance to do her makeup and hair. My super awesome partner Nurul, on the other hand, did the photography for the entire photoshoot yesterday. Yeah, big deal okay because my girls are BIG FANS of Sarah!  When they found out they were going to meet Sarah, they slept so early the night before, woke up so early on the day of photoshoot, and behaved extremely well hours before meeting her. While waiting for Sarah to arrive, they took turns to ask, “Where is Sarah Aqilarrrr, Mummy?”

So I told them this.

“Sarah Aqilah your friend is it? AUNTIE SARAH LA!”

The moment they saw Sarah, I swear they were starstruck. Jaw drop moment for the three of them. Expected. I was just so glad they did not lose control of themselves. They were still quite cool. (Phew!)





For the photoshoot, Sarah requested for light natural looking makeup. What do you know? Studioperfect specializes in that kind of makeup la Sarah! 😀


 Sarah, if you are reading this, thank you so much for your time on behalf of the entire Studiofrost team (which actually consists of just Nurul & me). But hey, team sounds bigger and better, right? So yeah, Studiofrost team. 🙂

Before I end this, here’s a short video from Sarah Aqilah herself for all Studiofrost supporters & her fans!

See how much you mean to us?

Now time to shop at STUDIOFROST!

First timer? Easy peasy. Here’s how to shop with us.

1. Go to

2. Register as a member. It takes only 3 MINS.

2. Add product you like to CART.

3. Click CHECK OUT.

4. Check your email for an ORDER PROCESS from our system.

5. Proceed with payment via POSB/DBS ibanking or ATM transfer. And we accept PAYPAL (credit card) too!

See you there!  🙂

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