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Growing Up Gifted?

An enrichment class is only enriching if your child is engaged and interested in what she/he is doing.

Sharleez is already on her third ballet lesson. So far too good to be true.  Honestly, I did not expect her to love ballet this much because she is after all, just a toddler. She watches TV, she listens to stories read to her every night, and gradually she starts to envision herself becoming a ballerina, a doctor, a singer, a model, a princess, and sometimes, even an auntie! So what do we, as parents do? We tap on our child’s interests, and allow him/her to imagine even further. If she likes ballet, so be it – enrol her in a ballet class and let her to at least experience what it is like to really be a ballerina. If she likes something more adventurous like maybe, swimming, enrol her in a swmimming class. Everyone learns from experience and we should not stop our children from pursuing their dreams no matter how young we might they are.

So as you tread through the vast array of enrichment classes that are out there for your child, please remember that these classes should be about your child doing something that she enjoys doing, about discovering life and herself/himself through the arts because it is really about self expressio. And we all know self expression is good for the body and the soul.

After sitting in for two of Sharlees’s ballet lessons, I am just glad that despite wanting only the best for my child, I am not actually pushing her to do something she does not enjoy. It’s such a pitiful sight to see how some of the girls in Sharleez’s class struggling themselves through ballet lessons, and constantly crying each time they are forced to join the class or follow a simple ballet routine. Parents, it’s just an enrichment class – it’s not even compulsory. If your child does not enjoy it, STOP. You have a choice. Your child definitely has a choice too. Enrol her in something else that will benefit her even more as an individual.

After all, it’s not always about what we want for our children. 

To my dear Sharleez, may you continue to excel in your ballet class. ballet

I am really proud of you, my little Bella. =)

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