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Great Etrangle Sale: Brand New PSP Slim & Lite 2006 (SOLD!)




psThis time round, I am selling off a brand NEW PSP Slim & Lite 2006- The Ceramic White Version. My dearest sister bought the PSP for a friend but found out shortly after that the friend already has the exact PSP, in the same colour too! Impulse buy, I say.  So in other words, the PSP  is still untouched, lying in the box, waiting to be owned. Poor little thing.


So here’s what I have in store for you if you purchase the PSP from me:

  • 1 original PSP charger
  • 1 travel charger
  • 1 8 GB memory card FULLY loaded with games already
  • 1 screen protector

On top of that, the PSP has already been FULLY modified. Do you know what ‘ FULLY modified’ means? It means that you can play both original and not so original games, depending on the type of person you really are. 🙂

I am not a game enthusiast but if you ask me, it is really a good buy.

Its like buying a brand new PSP Slim & Lite, but for a greater bargain.


Thank you for your interest! Till the next sale!

Coming up, more baby preloved items for SALE!

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