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Graduation Studio with Haziqah!

When client Haziqah approached us and asked whether she could have her graduation studio photo shoot taken together with her family, I was so super thrilled because it was certainly something that I have been looking forward to doing. Initially, she thought that it would strictly be a graduation photo studio session. After all, that’s what most makeover companies do – you want a graduation photo shoot, you get a graduation photo shoot and just that. But our photographer, he has a heart of gold. He will try his very best each time to get as many different types of pictures during the photo shoot, regardless of what package the client signed up for initially. In Haziqah’s case, not only did she have her graduation studio photo shoot of herself and her family, she was even allowed to have a casual studio photo shoot of herself, then with her family, her parents, and her siblings. Why, even her family members got to have their individual pictures taken during the same studio session! It was definitely worth the money, I say!

Another thing I like about working with Sharizan is the fact that he does not take a long time to get the photos edited and sent to client. Haziqah’s photos were processed and sent to her within a few days after the actual studio session. How’s that? We really respect Sharizan’s enthusiasm and dedication as a photographer!

Once again, big thanks to Haziqah for believing in Studioperfect! Congratulations on the graduation too! I truly enjoyed dolling both her and her mum up! And it really warmed my heart when I received the following SMS from Haziqah rightafter the studio session:

“Hello Kak Diah!! My whole family had fun just now! Sorry if there’s any hiccups. You and the rest did an awesome job! Thank you! Hope to do this with my friends with you soon too!! 🙂

So awwwwww right?

And just today, I received the following feedback, a truly encouraging one, from Haziqah via Facebook!

Haiz, another awww moment.
You are too kind, Haziqah.

 Here are some of the beautiful pictures of Haziqah & her family.













And to those who have been wanting to know how Sharizan, our favourite photographer looks like, he is the one in red! Super cute right? Haha! Believe me, he is always smiling.


I promise you that you will not regret choosing Studioperfect for your studio makeover.

Every makeover package you sign up with us entitles you to one full make up and hairdo for every lady and a simple touch up for every gentleman, with one own outfit with unlimited shots. All photos taken during the photoshoot will be edited and given back in CD-Rom. This also means that you can do whatever you want at all with the pictures, be it post it in your blog, store them in your online album, print all in 4R, 8R, A3 or even bigger than that! What a super good deal! Other makeover companies only provide limited prints and no photos on CD in original size! So we are definitely offering something more in terms of the returns.

Email us at to book our packages today!

Alternatively, you can SMS 96177425 or 90676272 to book right away!

Looking forward to a picture perfect session with you!



it takes him (Sharizan) only one day to edit the pictures & it all looks so natural & we all felt like superstar (karat) for one day!

Dedicated, patient, knows how to make his clients comfortable & feel natural. words to describe the photographer, sharizan =D

As for kak diah, she’s confident with her work. she “paints” our face like how her daughter colour her work. full of concentration & confidence, giving us a whole new look, never did once she made us feel doubtful about the outcome. See More


So, guys! dont miss out this exciting package! Couple shots, Family shots, maybe can do it w your friends, get an album and adorn it to keep it as memories that can last for a lifetime!


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