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#Goldcoast2012: Day 5 to 7


I am back with part II of #Goldcoast2012 post.
If you have yet to read Part I, it is HERE.

The remaining three days in Gold Coast were just as exciting as the first four days. If only we had more time. Yup, we did not have enough time to really explore Gold Coast. We were initially pretty confident that we would have more than enough time prior to the trip because we had after all, SEVEN LONG DAYS!

Gold Coast is really a beautiful place to spend your vacation at. I just love the lifestyle of the Gold Coast – everyone is so relaxed and down to earth. It’s like when you are there, you do not see people parading around with their luxury bags or cars. Not a single Louis Vuitton, Prada or Chanel spotted in fact when I was there. There’s more to life than just branded bags and never-ending competition when you are there.

DAY 5:

It was time to get wet day…at SEA WORLD!
But first, we must dress up.






Once again, it was very fortunate that we had pre-paid passes. So no queues at all for us! We went straight through the gates while those who had to buy their tickets on the day itself queued and waited. Tatek checked the daily show guide first as usual, and we planned which of the shows we wanted to see first and later.

I cannot stress enough already on this- always plan your itinerary around the shows first, and where you want to go after the shows so that you do not have to walk up and down the very big park.

We watched the Dora’s Best Friend Adventure show first.



It was actually pretty draggy, if truth be told. No matter how much my girls adore Dora The Explorer, they started being restless after barely ten minutes.



The show was about twenty minutes long, by the way! We did not wait for the show to end but instead made our way to the next show – The Imagine Dolphin Show. It was quite a long walk, what more with the hot sun! But the thing about summer in Australia is this – you will not exactly feel the heat and you will definitely not perspire buckets. But when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will see a darker version of yourself. That’s about all. 😀

And oh, let’s not forget the dry skin too despite lots and lots of moisturizing.


I was super amazed by the dolphins and their impressive jumps, flips, dives, walking on top of their flukes on the surface of the water, synchronized leaps, and their occasional waving to the crowd. Dolphins are indeed intelligent and friendly animals. How is it that they can be trained to delight audiences with their feats? There is hardly any reason for anyone to not love them! Oh do you know that training dolphins keeps them alert and mentally flexible, and prevents them from becoming bored in captivity? So they actually enjoy performing for everyone.



Once the dolphin show was over, we headed to the Shark Bay to see…



We did not stay long here because the girls were like screaming in fear. Sharleez went,“Mummy, I don’t want. Later the shark will eat us up.” So we did not go to the underwater viewing deck as a result. I would have loved to watch the sharks but it is just too bad that my guniangs did not want to do likewise.

Do you how much it took us to persuade the girls to touch the starfish?


And then, it was time to get ourselves really wet at Castaway Bay’s Battle Boats. When I told the girls that we would be sitting on a battle boat and shoot water cannons at each other, they cringed. In fact, they really cringed. But too bad too late, we were already queuing for it. I told them this, “It’s okay to get wet because we will have the sun later to get us all dried up again. You will feel like there’s aircon stuck to your body.”

See this super cute girl?


Well, we shot water cannons at her minutes later.

So yes, we sat on the battle boat. We shot water cannons. Others shot water cannons at us.


We ended up like this. Check out Sharleez’s very unhappy face. Lol.


To seek revenge for all of us, Tatek shot the water cannons at those on the battle boats. Haha very childish but very fun indeed!


For lunch, it was just fish burger for us. Given the strictly no outside food policy imposed by Sea World and basically all the theme parks, I found the choices available a little disappointing. Never mind the fact that there are no Halal certified food joints there.


After lunch, we went for the Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show. If you visit Sea World, you must not miss this show. It is very hilarious and will definitely tickle both the young and older audience. We were definitely entertained especially by the very smart sea lion.



We saw the penguins too! I like how so cool and composed they always are. Do you know a very interesting fact about the penguins? The Emperor male penguins will incubate their eggs for two months in the winter without eating while the females are at sea. During that period, they will live off their fat reserves and may even lose half of their body weight. When the females return shortly after the chicks hatch, they will switch their parental duties.


This cute little penguin here came very near to the lady who offered it a drink. Too bad they were both separated by the glass pane.



And then it was time for some rides. Kiddy rides for us parents too, all for the girls’ sake. Bleargh.




And a bit of shopping for the girls.


And that was our Sea World adventure. Despite us getting drenched and all, I actually enjoyed Sea World more than Movie World.

It was Surfers’ Paradise next. Sharleez and Mysha fell asleep on our way there so they were in the twin stroller. Myreen got to enjoy the waves with us.




She was curious as to why people were lying down on the sand under the super hot sun.


“Mummy, why they sleep on the sand like that?”
“Why they never wear their clothes?”
“Why their swimming costume like bra and panties?”
“Why they never wake up?”

Dear Myreen, that is what we call, suntanning. Some people suntan to make themselves more tan and feel better about themselves. Suntanning in the sun brings a psychological feeling of well being and relation. But of course, we do not need to suntan as we are already sun-tanned naturally. 😀

I really love this shot of Myreen. She is really photogenic, I think. Don’t mind the hands behind her. We were just super scared she would lose balance.


Before we went back to the apartment, guess where we went again.

You are absolutely right. COLES!


DAY 6:

Finally, it was time for Dream World. Farha from ROAM  was telling me prior to the trip that no matter what, we must visit Dream World. But before that, I had to buy my morning fix so that the journey would not keep us hungry.


As usual, the girls were super excited at the beginning…


And they fell asleep minutes later.


See that thrill ride behind us? My goodness, my jaw dropped when I saw how ‘thrilling’ it was. The people on the ride were practically screaming their lungs out!


Dream World is where Dorothy The Dinosaur and The Wiggles are.



Dorothy the Dinosaur and her friends took the stage and basically got all the young audience to sing and dance along to their songs like:

  • I’m Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Come on let’s jump
  • We’re dancing with Wags the Dog
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Dorothy’s Party



I am sorry to reveal that it was only then that I found out that Dorothy the Dinosaur loves to eat roses. Yes, she loves to eat roses. No wonder I saw roses everywhere! It was just too bad that we did not get to see the Wiggles.

Dream World is also where the tigers are. ROAAAARRRRRR.


We missed the tiger show but at least we managed to see the tigers in action for a bit.
And this little cub here too. Hehehe.


At the Australian Wildlife Experience, we got to see all the iconic animals of Australia like the kangaroo and koala bear, which also happen to be the girls’ favourite animals.





We even saw Tazmanian Devil! Sadly we could get a proper shot of it because it was forever hiding.

So we made do with this.



We had to pay about AUS39.90 for a family picture with the koala bear. A bit pricey but then again, it was worth it since it was definitely not an everyday experience.


We even went for the Australian Sheep Sheering show. The genuine shearers will demonstrate life on an Australian farm to the audience. They will even sheer a sheep. Frankly speaking, I did not enjoy the show because I was so distracted by my itching nose. I knew that I was about to get my sinus, no thanks at all to the raw wool and my super sensitive nose. True enough, by the time the show was over, I was already sneezing all the way. No pictures of the shearing because I was busy sneezing. Thank goodness, we brought along our medicine for the trip.



Lunch was at Billabong Buffet Restaurant.


It is HALAL CERTIFIED! It is air-conditioned. It is all-you-can-eat style buffet. It has a wide variety of modern cuisine to mouth-watering desserts. So without a doubt, lunch was super good and filling.





Tatek was so full that he fell asleep..NOT!

He was just pretending! Hahahaha.


Expect to see a lot of thrill rides when you visit Dream World. Tatek and I were so tempted to try out at least one thrill ride but I chickened out with the excuse that there would be nobody to attend to the girls. But then again, that was such a valid excuse because there was *really* nobody to attend to the girls.

Well, at least we took the Thunder River Rapid Ride.



And ended up really wet yet again.

But then again, we were holding on tight to each other’s hands throughout the ride because well, the girls were really scared. Again!

Rides like that do not appeal to the girls.

Rides like Dorothy’s Rosy Teacup Ride does.



I ended up with a massive headache right after the ride as a result. I hate it when that happens. I therefore conclude that as far as rides in theme parks are concerned, it is always better to end up wet than with a headache. Who’s with me?

There are a lot more kid friendly rides over there like:

  • Big Red Car Ride
  • Kite Flyer
  • Avalanche
  • Sky Rocket
  • Mighty Go Round
  • Rainforest Rampage

You can find out more about their rides HERE.

The girls basically went crazy at the Fairytale Treasures shop.


How not to when they have all these inside?


Before calling it a day at Dream World, we bought a big box of Krispy Kreme donuts because I have been told that they are halal. Too sweet for my liking though because they use icing on top of the donuts . I prefer our very own J.Co donuts anytime.


We decided to explore the pool at the apartment for a bit the moment we got back. Just for your information, Meriton Serviced Apartment has both an indoor and outdoor pool.


Sharleez and Mysha insisted on giving Myreen a full body massage.


DAY 7:

It was finally closer to reality – WE WERE GOING BACK TO SINGAPORE. We had to check out from the apartment at 10 a.m and make our way to Novotel Hotel Brisbane airport to check in. Frankly speaking, the girls did not want to leave the apartment because they were just so in love with it. Reality bites. If we were to ever go back to Gold Coast, Meriton Serviced Apartment Broadbeach will still be our first choice.

We decided to buy some more souvenirs at Surfers’ Paradise. They have a whole stretch of souvenir shops over there, if you must know.


Just look at these! Super cute or what? But quite pricey too, so we did not end up buying no matter how tempting they were!


There is even Beach Road over there.


But instead of the usual sup tulang fix at Beach Road Singapore, we had fish and chips at Beach Road Surfers Paradise…in a kebab joint.


We initially ordered just a plate to share but because it was so good (or we were so hungry), we ordered another plate!


With our tummies full, it was time to drive back to Brisbane. That was a good one hour journey because traffic was once again, clear. I got distracted once again by the clouds. I spent the journey cloud watching as a result.

So let me present to you…






Believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits of cloud watching. Hahaha! The very silly me googled it and found out that cloud watching helps one to relax and exploit one’s imagination. When you try to figure out what the clouds look like, you are definitely exploiting your imagination. But most importantly, it is a hobby that costs nothing!  Well, I am glad to have found this hobby then. It is not just an obsession anymore. My girls should therefore follow my footsteps and start to cloud watch too. 😀

So anyway, we basically spent the rest of our day at Novotel Hotel Brisbane Airport while waiting for our flight later at night.

This is the beautiful hotel guest room.



Souvenirs from Novotel hotel.


Finally, it was time to check in and come back home to Singapore with our very heavy hearts and luggage. 🙁






We managed to grab several books too at the airport because Scholastic books were having this promotion. Buy 2 Get 1 Free, you know?


The chilled out atmosphere and weather in Gold Coast kept us inspired to spend time outdoors despite it being summer. We enjoyed going to Surfers Paradise to just enjoy the breeze, big waves, and the feeling of unbounded space.

So if it is not obvious enough already by now, let me say this once again – we absolutely enjoyed our #goldcoast2012 vacation. We could not have possibly chosen a better spot. Okay wait, of course there is Disneyland, but we have been there too. Haha! Gold Coast is possibly the only place where you can let loose and most importantly, feel free from the stresses of life.


Thank you ROAM once again for making #goldcoast2012 a reality and a dream come true for not only me and my husband, but my three girls as well. We can never thank you enough, Farha because let’s face it, the trip happened because of you. And since thank you is free and nice to give, let me thank you again for planning this entire trip with me, and for giving us nothing but the best. I might have overseen certain things throughout the making of #goldcoast2012 blog posts, and I sincerely apologize for that on my part.

“In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than what we give, and it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.”

Therefore, we will forever be filled with gratitude.

When I saw how extremely happy my girls were throughout the trip and how super reluctant they were to go back to Singapore, it just made me smile. Nothing makes me happier than to see them that happy.


With salt in our hair, smiles on our lips and sunshine on our cheeks, Gold Coast could not have been better.

But for now, I have to deal with the same question from Mysha and Myreen almost every single day.

When are we going Movie World again?”

Come on girls, we need to think of another place for our next vacation.

Disneyland Australia, maybe?

Meanwhile, you girls keep on wishing and just keep the faith going. 😀


“There can be miracles, when you believe.”

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