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Gold Coast: Planning Begins.


We are going Gold Coast come February 2012, insya’allah.

I am super keyed up for it already because the last time we had a proper getaway was to HK Disneyland. And then, due to Studiofrost/makeup assignments, and Tatek’s working schedule, we could only go for staycations. Why,  not that we are complaining now but hey, stay cations do not involve careful planning! So since the opportunity came for us to have a proper vacation finally, I figured why not? After all, family vacations allow us to be fully present with our children, doing things that we would never have done as a family, and stepping out of our comfort zone. Believe me, I step out of my comfort zone BIG time during every vacation.

And yes, my poor husband needs a good break. A really good break.


Conscious parenting is super important, and this is what I want to bring to my parenting time sometimes, if not all the time. It involves connecting with my children on a soul level, while paying close attention to our relationships, our surroundings, our choices. Instead of always switching to our ‘default mode’, it is always good to take a step back to see whether the kids’ needs, wants and interests have changed. From there, we can rethink about the kind of parent that we want to be, and not the kind of parent that we are supposed to be for our kids. It’s expectations we set for ourselves that matter at the end of the day, yes?



And I have a very accommodating & super awesome travel agency to say my BIG thanks to, especially ‘Snow White Auntie’.  I shall blog more about ‘Snow White Auntie’ when everything else is finalized. 😀

Meanwhile, Nadyas are already asking about their Gold Coast trip.

Bet they cannot wait to dress up for Summer!


Stay close for more updates via my Twitter and Facebook as we draw closer to the actual trip! 🙂

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