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Of donuts & stretch marks.

“Oh Diah, you do not look like a mother of 3 at all.”

 (How then is a mother of 3 supposed to look like?)

If only I could show these people my stretch marks. I mean, if they see my stretch marks, they will definitely be 100% convinced that I am a mother of three.

My take on this?

Stretchmarks define motherhood.

“Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes,” some say.

But of course, motherhood does not have to be an ugly journey. Sure stretch marks define motherhood, but stretch marks do not exactly have to be permanent residents on our skin either.

For starters, why do stretch marks happen?

The common reasons will be skin stretching due to pregnancy, obesity, and weight lifting.

And oh rapid weight loss too can worsen your stretch marks.

Three weeks ago, I have started using Gly Derm Stretch Mark cream, just to see if I could somehow reduce the size and colour of my stretch marks.


Honestly speaking, I am never a believer of stretch mark creams. The last time I used a stretch mark cream was when I was pregnant with Sharleez. Being the anxious first time mummy that I was, I did whatever I read in magazines or online portals. Must put cream. Must put on body butter. Must not scratch the stretch marks. Must not put on too much weight. Like, whatever. Along the way, I somehow could not resist the urge to errr…scratch the stretch marks because they were just so itchy. It was like, the itchy worsened the moment I put the cream on. It irritated the *&$# out of me. And you should know what happened next. The ripper stretch marks from my first pregnancy remained, and I ‘breeded’ some more during my second pregnancy with my twins, Mysha and Myreen. Such a happy family of stretch marks….not!

Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream has several benefits, I read.

  1. Helps to improve skin colour
  2. Reduce size of stretch marks
  3. Formulated with Tri-Derm actives to rebuild collagen and regain skin elasticity
  4. Clinically proven
  5. Preservative free
  6. Fragrance free


I have sensitive skin, and the stretch mark cream that I used before was definitely not fragrance free. It was no wonder my skin reacted so badly.

Gly Derm Stretch Mark cream does not irritate my skin whenever I apply it. In fact, it is non-sticky and it almost feels like I do not have any cream on. I often apply it right after shower, twice a day. Well, even if you shower only once a day (or do not shower at all), you still need to apply it twice a day. LOL.

My problem areas (after giving birth to my three lovely daughters) have always been my inner thigh, buttocks and oh, my abdomen. DUH!

And oh, I love my donuts too. LOL.

So what have I noticed over the three weeks of usage?

I have actually noticed that some of my stretch marks have started to fade.


Compare below my stretch marks on my inner thigh. Grrr.



Can you see? Hehehehehe.

It is only three weeks as of now, so I am not expecting magic to happen either. Let’s be realistic. But imagine how much more the stretch marks will fade if I continue using the Gly Derm Stretch Mark cream? All you need is perseverance

….and Gly Derm Stretch Mark cream of course.

How to purchase Gly Derm stretch mark cream?


The Gly Derm stretch mark cream is available at all major pharmacies in Singapore and retails at $14.90 and $23.90 for 60ml and 125ml respectively.

To discover more about Gly Derm stretch mark cream, please visit

At the end of the day, do not be too hard on ourselves for having stretch marks, mummies.

“Our stretch marks are proof that we brought life into this world.”

Take comfort in that.

(But still go and give Gly Derm stretch mark cream a try.)

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