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Glamour Shots?

See this picture?


So glamorous, right? Does it look like I was enjoying the moment?  Does it look like I had a professional photographer? If only life was that perfect. Did you honestly think that it was a glamorous thing to do? Did you seriously think I was enjoying the moment? Did you think I had a professional photographer to snap the pictures for Studiofrost’s recent new arrivals?

You are absolutely WRONG because you see, I am no diva.

Let me show you now what was behind, next to, and occassionally in front of the camera! Aiyoh, very paisey.


In summary,

  • One helper who was the official photographer, and who knows nuts about photography.
  • A pair of twins who got bored with all the waiting and lack of attention, and who later got super duper agitated by the extremely hot weather. Made an emergency call home, and had Ili to  fetch them. They got home, drank Yakult merrily, and relished each other’s company.
  • And lastly, a very panicky so called model who kept perspiring due to the scorching heat from the sun, and who had to rush the entire photoshoot for fear that she would not make it on time to fetch her daughter from school. Well, surprise, surprise – the model did not make it on time and had to rely on her brother and Sofia to fetch the poor girl from school. And just when the model thought she could finish modelling the last two outfits and rejoice, it started to rain HEAVILY. She had to seek refuge in the shelter, with her errrm, photographer.


The things we go through for every Studiofrost photoshoot.


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