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From zero to 3!

3rd January 2007, my life officially turned from zero to one.

You were just a cute little newborn then. But only god knows the big difference a cute little newborn could do to one’s life. The best period of my life was my maternity leave. Three months seemed too short. I felt like I was shortchanged.  Reluctantly, I went back to work. I looked forward to the end of work every day because I knew you would be waiting at home with your endless giggles to brighten up the remnants of my otherwise mundane day.


Your first baby steps also meant you were stepping into toddlerhood.  My baby had grown up, I thought. Very the emo, you know?


When you started talking, you brought music into the house.  I know it sounds so blearghh but I am serious! I did not even remember having a difficult time taking care of you then because you were such an easy baby. So stress free. So joyful. Such an angel. And you still are.

You are such a natural in front of the camera, its so hard to convince people sometimes that whatever they see in magazines and Babyfrost comes from you, and nothing from Mummy. You just do not like to be taught how to pose, don’t you? Tsk.

And the unconditional love you give to your sisters is simply so remarkable. I know you want to be like Mummy, but I think you are so much better – at just 2 years old, you already knew how to handle not one but TWO sisters. The toddlerhood package does not include having to share your Mummy and Daddy with two newborns, but you really embraced the arrival of your sisters so well.  I am just so proud of you baby!

And now that you are THREE, I know you are just going to keep surprising us more with your sooner than expected maturity.

Happy turning three, Sharleez Nadya!



Hope you enjoyed the mini celebration we had with Daddy, Mysha, Myreen, Dada, Nana & Yani. Your actual birthday party with the MOST happening people in your life like Mama E, Papa Piq, Mama Aan and Papa Ian will take place real soon!

For a gem like you, you only deserve the best! And the best does not necessarily have to be something extravagant.

It just needs to be something simple celebrated with your loved ones.





As usual, you are terribly loved by everyone around you.

Stay special. Stay humble. 🙂



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