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Friends Forever.

You know they often say that our kids can teach us a lot about life.

And it is true.

When I look at Sharleez’s friendship with her BFF ever since Nursery 1, Natasha Lim, I am convinced that true friendship does exist after all.


(Flashback 1: Look at how tiny they were back then. This was during Sharleez’s 4th!)

sn2(Flashback 2: This was when they were still in Kidz Meadow. Happy times! )


(Flashback 3: During National Day celebration in Kidz Meadow!)

It is just too beautiful, their friendship.

There are few things Sharleez and Natasha love more than hanging out with each other.  If it were up to them to decide, I know that they would never leave their each other’s side, even for a second. I know that they would want be together all the time. When we had to end our play date session yesterday at Natasha’s, I could see how upset both Natasha and Sharleez were. Such a heartbreaking sight, and I am not even exaggerating here.



(Flashback 4: During our playdate session at Natasha’s house yesterday!)

Kids being kids, admire, respect, and trust their friends unconditionally.  They look forward to their arrival, and they miss them when they are gone. Sure, life gets busier for both Sharleez and Natasha now that they are already in primary school, but they still manage to keep in touch with one another somehow, somewhat. Actually, that was the main reason why I got Sharleez a handphone; so that she can keep in touch with Natasha via Whatsapp at least once a week when she gets to use the phone. I only allow her to use the handphone on Saturdays, from 10 am to 8 pm, for your information. So each time she gets to use the handphone, the first thing she will do is to go to Whatsapp to message Natasha! LOL. (I am always so tempted to check their messages each time, but at the same time, I know that my daughter deserves that bit of privacy.)


(Flashback 5: They bumped into each other at Popular bookstore during the December holidays!) 

Kids are not complicated at all. They do not live their life trying to impress anyone or everyone around them. And when they develop a friendship, they are really genuine about it. One wonderful thing about kids is that they are extremely forgiving. One minute they can be fighting over a game or toy, and the next minute they will be hugging as if nothing ever happened. It is a scenario that every mother who has ever been on a playdate with her children can attest to, but it is that attitude of forgiveness that we adults often don’t practise ourselves in our everyday life. Kids do not hate. Kids do not bear grudges. Kids do not hold back. Adults do, most of the time.

So who is the real grown up here? 


(Flashback 6: Lunch date after school.)

SN8 (Flashback 7: During Natasha’s 6th birthday celebration in school.)

Fine, their displays of anger or sadness might be very pretty dramatic at times. They are really great at letting out those waterworks too. But shouldn’t we give them credit for allowing themselves to feel what they feel? Shouldn’t we give them credit for acknowledging their emotions?

If only we could possess the same qualities as children. If only we could just make life less complicated. If only we could just express ourselves as openly without the other party bearing any grudges towards us. The truth about the truth is that that most of us could use a little more of it in our daily lives. But instead of doing so, we bottle up our feelings, conceal them from others, or we shove them away. When someone upsets us, we choose to express our feeling of discontentment to someone else instead. And then we will also expect them to know what we are feeling.


(Flashback 8: During their K2 Graduation Ceremony.)

What we do not realize is that expressing ourselves more will actually allow us to accept our feelings as being perfectly valid. Openly expressing our feelings will make communication easier and maintain sincerity in our life.

And sincerity is one key factor in any healthy friendship.

In return, a healthy friendship is one of the keys to happiness.  No matter how busy, we should never let our busy schedules keep us from the people we care about most.

But of course, there is no crystal ball to predict whether a particular friend will turn out to be reliable or trustworthy. Some friends may disappoint from the start, and some friends may change suddenly because of what’s going on in their lives or because of changes in their personality. And sometimes, some friends just cannot afford to give us that one key thing called sincerity.

Some friends are just beyond my understanding. Everything also they want to compete. Everything also they want to be better than the rest. But when their friends are better than them, they pretend not to know. Being genuinely happy or congratulating their friends in return is definitely not in their dictionary. #justsaying

“As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have more friends, and more important to have real ones.”

So what if things somehow go awry in the friendship?


At the end of the day, the fact remains that we adults cannot handle friendship as well as them kids.



May this beautiful friendship last and stay as beautiful as you girls! 🙂

“True friendship is not being inseparable. It’s being separated and nothing changes.”

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