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Advertorial: Fresh for Raya


Don’t we all love dressing up for our Hari Raya visitings? I really take a lot of pride in looking my best, especially on the first day of Hari Raya. First Day of Raya is like the most crucial. If I have to seek forgiveness from my folks, I say do it with style. And when I say dress up, I mean dressing up from head to toe. Hair must be properly done and sprayed, makeup must be able to stay intact for one whole day, and I must have the matching accessories for every outfit. False eyelashes are a must for every special occasion because they just complete the makeup, and open up the eyes. I think the eyes can do so much with proper eye makeup and the necessary eye gadgets like the lashes, and coloured contact lenses. On normal days, I do not wear contact lenses because I just do not like how the colours make me look like I am trying too hard to be someone I am not. I personally think that the whole purpose of wearing coloured lenses is to look eye catching, not creepy or out of place. When I saw the new colours by FreshLook ColorBlends, I was compelled to try them out, even if it meant watering my eyes for a few minutes. If you must know, I have super sensitive eyes and even a very tiny dust can cause my eyes to tear, redden and subsequently swell. So yes, after about 10 minutes of watery eyes, I finally put on the coloured lenses. It was not that difficult after all. My perspective of the world and yes, coloured contact lenses, changed thereafter. Honestly speaking, the reason why I like using FreshLook contact lenses is because of the high quality- the lenses do not irritate my super sensitive eyes even when worn for one whole day. The lenses are easy enough to put on, and they look so natural!

I chose two colours to try out for this year’s Raya, and they are amethyst and brown. I was a bit sceptical about my choice initially because honestly, from the colour chart given, these two colours looked pretty vibrant. I am okay with brown, but amethyst?!! I was itching to find out how I would look in amethyst. I could not possibly wait till Raya before I try out the contact lenses, could I? So since I had to do a photo shoot for Studiofrost’s Hari Raya Exclusives, I figured I might as well make the effort to look extra good for the extra pretty outfits, with the help from FreshLook ColorBlends, of course.

This is me, in brown. I know why the brown contact lenses look really brown on my eyes – I already have naturally dark brown eyes. Please do not mind my poses because I was after all, shooting for Studiofrost. Do you seriously think I pose like these on normal days?


This is me, in amethyst. I really love the effect of amethyst on my eyes. I was expecting amethyst to look really purple on me, but it didn’t. All it did was to make my eyes look naturally purple. Right after I put on the contact lenses, I showed my entire family and some of them had to look twice or thrice before noticing that I actually had coloured contact lenses on.


I just love how FreshLook ColorBlends open up my eyes, and how they give my eyes a bit of colour and life. The secret is with FreshLook ColorBlends blend 3 colours into one to create the most natural and subtle eye colour. Between the two colours, I really like amethyst because hello, who would have thought of wearing a purple contact lenses on normal days? But look at the end result!

So ladies, time to look good! Time to still look like yourself but slightly different. Try out FreshLook ColorBlends for Hari Raya this year! Let me warn you first that you would definitely be confused, what with the many colours to choose from! But there’s no harm at all buying more than 1 box of FreshLook ColorBlends because from now till 30 September 2010, you will get a box of FreshLook ColorBlends with every purchase of 2 boxes of FreshLook ColorBlends at any participating outlets island wide. If you are smart, why not you and your other two friends buy 3 boxes FreshLook ColorBlends for the price of 2 boxes! In other words, each of you would only be paying $28 instead of the usual $42, all thanks to the Hari Raya promotion! Quickly thank me now for the idea!


 Log on to for more information.

And now, it is time for a little giveaway! How many of you ladies here wear coloured contact lenses? Think you look ultra good in them? Send in your best picture (facial shot) to by 6th September and stand a chance to win a pair of FreshLook ColorBlends for yourself! I will shortlist the best three pictures on 7th September and all 3 of you lucky ladies will walk away with 1 pair of FreshLook ColorBlends each. It’s that easy! 

Don’t know how to pose? Well, you can always pretend that you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Here’s an example. Can you see my pose? Super irritating, right? Don’t you just feel like slapping my face left and right? Hahaha!


So quick, quick, send in your pictures now!


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